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2.0 out of 5 stars

Mandy the Artist
Verified Buyer: Yes

I was very excited for this to arrive! Unfortunately, it was disappointing. The description said it was in a multi-stand chain, which would have been great! But, the chain is very fragile and one one thin strand. That takes a lot away from the appeal of the piece in the picture. The leaf is pretty, but there is a spot that didn't get the gold overlay, and it stands out. The chain is longer, so it doesn't lay the way it does in the picture. I will definitely have to replace the chain, because it is too long to hang the pendant above a neckline, but too short to be able to wear it over a top. Also, the link on the pendant that the chain goes through was bent off to one side. I wanted to love this, but it is so disappointing.

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