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4.6 out of 5 stars

Verified Buyer: Yes

The laptop worked perfectly as soon as I took it out of the package started right up everything is functioning just perfectly I’m very very happy. Great buy would do it again anytime.

Verified Buyer: Yes

It was just what I needed small and easy to take with me when we travel my other computer is bigger and heavier.

Verified Buyer: Yes

We just received this Thursday, and have only just set this up. It hasn't seen heavy use yet, so we will see how it holds up. We put on it Word 2007, and it already had Microsoft Edge on it. We ordered this on because it does take CD/DVDs. It replaces the old cumbersome desktop we kept to run CDs on. It is perfect for our purposes.

Verified Buyer: Yes

Finally had to say goodbye to windows xp.I have a lot of cd games and they work great as well as on line games,news and weather with my daily dose of coffee.Cant believe how much faster this is than xp and my windows 10 HP notebook.This has windows 10 as well and enough power for me to do my thing and fast.Very happy and I can also add more memory if I need to.Glad I got the last one.Looks,feels like new.Thanx Tanga.It arrived like 3 days later.This is just as good as if I had bought one for a little more money.Glad I did some research!!

Verified Buyer: Yes

Decent laptop for the money. The unit is in excellent condition in appearance and performance.

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