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4.4 out of 5 stars

Verified Buyer: Yes

Great product at a great price--a win-win for me! :-) Super-easy to use, very efficient, stylish, etc. I highly recommend this item.

Verified Buyer: Yes

Awesome! Pleased with purchase!

Verified Buyer: Yes

So I bought this to utilize as another charger for my iPhone 11 since the adapter block that comes with is is a lower watt then what the iPhone 11 apparently needs (good job Apple) 🤦🏽‍♀️ So I bought this. Tanga is great arrived on time and packaging was fine. It charged way faster than the 5w block adapter but isn’t as fast as the block that the iPad comes with. I think that’s a 15w. Idk. Anyway it’s good and I recommend it. If you want faster upgrade this block. But the price is awesome and I charged my iPhone and 11 within a few hours.

Verified Buyer: Yes

They charged me a special price and I bought it. The next day it was $5.00 lower. Be very careful with this company.

Verified Buyer: Yes

I like the charging stands design & its ability to charge both horizontally & vertically. I feel the wall charger is too bulky

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