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3.5 out of 5 stars

Verified Buyer: Yes

Headphones are super comfortable. Parrot Drone is a fun little toy Battery pack and motion light are awesome bonus. For the price this was a great buy

Verified Buyer: Yes

For the price, you're essentially getting the drone for $2 off other sellers (and it's a nice drone, though the battery sucks) + the other accessories. The juicebox arrived completely dead so took a while to recharge, but seems to be working fine. The LED light is pretty meh. Earbuds are being used as spares.

Verified Buyer: Yes

I bought this because I thought it was a good deal, and it was. Though the juice pack works, it does not work with my GS8 phone, so I'm giving it to someone else as a gift. I don't know how the drone works yet because it is also a gift, but the earbuds are great!

Verified Buyer: Yes

The main reason I bought the mega box was gor the mophie portable charger which did not take a charge or work and the drone had issues connecting through its app. On the other hand I really liked motion sensor light But over all I feel I was cheated and I'm still waiting on a reply from service department via email

Verified Buyer: Yes

First of all, I did not receive the headphones. So that's a bummer. Worst still, the batteries in both the backup charger and the drone were dead. So neither of those two items were usable. The only thing that worked was the wall light. Definitely not worth it.

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