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4.3 out of 5 stars

Verified Buyer: Yes

It was very comfortable to wear. Seemed to give the extra support I was needing.

Verified Buyer: Yes

I sprained my ankle severely, and it has given me problems for some time. Regular braces were uncomfortable, I took a chance when I saw this ankle wrap and it has really helped!

Verified Buyer: Yes

Product looked exactly like it did in the photo, but when I went to put them on (I bought two), both of them had one strap that was sticky on the correct side to hold it in place, and one side that was not facing the correct way. The instructions were mostly small pictures, with only one line of type saying to stick the straps to themselves and not to the sock part to avoid snags. Not a lot of help under the circumstances. I finally decided to wrap the incorrect side first and leave the "hook" side facing out, then cover it with the other strap, and that seems to be working right now. If that was what was intended, it would have helped a lot for them to have SAID that. I'm still not sure if that works, because I had thought I'd gotten other solutions to work before, but then they eventually let go and I just had a strap flopping around until I re-wrapped it. I'll have to try it a while longer to know if this solution really works long-term.

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