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Spring Cleaning Puzzlethon - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

Spring Cleaning Puzzlethon - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

How fitting for our Spring Cleaning Puzzlethon that the number of users that participated was 409. That’s the formula… for fun!

Here are a few other stats for you:

409 users participated
66 users solved all 33 puzzles
8 users, though, stopped at 32, not bothering with whatever that last one was :)
78 users solved just one puzzle

The Runners-Up
For the most part, these five winners solved all the puzzles. But there was one who only solved a few.. and still won something. Each of the people here will get a White Elephant Gift Box mailed to them – boxes filled with something that we Tanga AdMin’s want to get rid of from our homes :)

I could have just randomly assigned these, but I felt like rewarding the second place winner (aka the first runner-up). So that person will get to choose which of the five of us they want their box to come from… and then the next person will choose from the remaining four, and so on down the line.


Solving 31 of the 33 puzzles, the first runner-up is:

Spam, please choose from the following Tanga AdMins:

Tanga Monkey {our fearless leader}
Tanga Matt
Tanga Joe
Arnott {me}

And then post here which one you want your box to come from so that the others can see who’s left.

Next, having solved all 33 puzzles is:

Darwin, after spamtrap chooses, please pick one of the remaining people.

After that, having solved all 33 puzzles is:

Next, having only solved 4 puzzles (weee!) is:

And getting the last White Elephant Box, having solved all 33 puzzles is:

The Grand Prize Winner
Having solved 32 of the 33 puzzles (which one did you skip/give up on?), the winner of the Garden Gnome! is:

                     rkarljr !!!

(if you haven’t checked out Karl’s avatar, you should :P)

Congratulations to all the winners, and a special thanks to all the puzzlemakers for being both understanding and patient. Really, without them, the Daily Fun side of Tanga would be, well… either gone, greatly reduced, or a HUGE crapload of work for Aaron and me :)

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