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Romancing the Tanga Poem Contest Winners!

TangaNateFeb 14, 2011Views: 3598

Love is in the air and here at Tanga we are breathing it in by the aerosol can-full. If you have not seen the posts from the last two nights here are the links to the first three $10 Tanga Cash winners and the the second three $10 Tanga Cash winners.

Now the GRAND prize winners, the three folks we deemed worthy of $100 prizes, are outlined below. If/when we write a “Tanga-lovin’-Tanga-Book” these three poems will be on page 1.

The winners:

Chocolates in the gutter lie scattered.
Roses are strewn ’cross the street.
The love in my heart has been shattered.
Time for Tanga, to buy something neat.

Short and… not so sweet :) We really liked the idea of lamenting a lost love on Valentines Day. And while that could have been depressing, there was just something nicely poetic about this one.

Now that Tanga has won my heart,
not even the most ornate and scrumptious chocolate
or a most perfect rose
can bring back my love, now lost.

But wait!
Tanga has just posted a most radiant and tempting deal:
a subscription to Cosmo, a cute kitty t-shirt
and a complete body massage kit
with loofa and all!

With gifts in hand, my love accepts my humble offerings
and now she too has now found room in her heart —
for Tanga.

A similar theme, but this time Tanga saves the day. Pandering? Maybe :) But it’s still about the execution, and the prose here is nice.

Time remaining:
Forty minutes—
Tanga deals expiring.
Time remaining:
Thirty minutes—
Twenty minutes—

Magazine subscriptions
A facemask or a glove
Something for the one you love

Time remaining:
Sixty seconds—
Spinner ring is tempting
Time remaining:
Fifty seconds—
Forty seconds—

One could buy some chocolates
Attach a single rose
Wrap it up—compose
Some clever prose

Hmm. . .

Time remaining:
Thirty seconds—
How my heart is beating!
Wonder if she’ll
Buy me something?
Twenty seconds
Seven seconds—
One. . .

A really wonderful idea, well done. It rhymes a little (just enough), it flows nicely (you can totally “see” it), and it actually gets better upon re-reading (for us, anyway).

Thanks again to all of those that entered. It was really remarkable to visually SEE the amount of talent that our Tanganites have.

We will be in touch with the winners very shortly via Tanga Gram so keep an eye out so we can know what/where to send the prizes!

If our winners need a refresher on what they can pick from as their prizes – here is the list:

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