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Tanga Times - October 1st, 2007 by pyrok

Tanga Times - October 1st, 2007 by pyrok

I can’t believe Autumn has already arrived and the first day of October is already here! Time to start thinking about some Halloween-themed puzzles! Does anybody have a clever costume they plan to wear?

Well, I promised a link to a more online-based logic puzzle site and I’m delivering.

Here is the first one.
And here is Flash -running one.
If anyone else would like to share any they’ve discovered and enjoy, feel free!

And this is another Flash-based one that is a ""Cross the River" type of puzzle.":

“This is a link for an “online Louis Carrol exhibit.”": One section is about the logic puzzles he attempted to create and perfect. I thought it was kind of interesting.

As usual, the first challenge will be FTP (first-to-post) and the second will be a random drawing where you have the chance to enter anytime between now and when robrizob’s Tuesday Tanga Times posts. You enter by emailing me at:

  1. (FTP = 10 points)
    A farmer is returning from the market where he bought a goat, a wolf, and cabbage. To get home he must cross a river but his boat only allows him to take one of the three at a time. He can’t leave the goat and the cabbage together (because the goat would eat it) and he can’t leave the goat with the wolf (because the goat would be eaten). How can the farmer get everything to the other side safely?
  1. (Random Drawing = 10 points) Send answer to:
    A family of Lygophobics wants to get through a dark tunnel. The father can make it in 1 minute, the mother in 2 minutes, the son in 4 minutes and the younger son in 5 minutes. The narrow tunnel only allows no more than two people at once and their travel time is limited to the speed of the slower one. Can they all make it if they have a torch that lasts only 12 minutes without anybody’s fear of dark places affecting them? Prove your answer yes or no.

Coming next week: lateral-thinking!

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