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New Tanga Point Program

New Tanga Point Program

The Monkeys at Tanga have decided that we need to figure out a way to reward all of our great Tanganites who have been collecting Tanga Points for the past several months. We have listened to your feedback, received valuable insight from our top users and have come up with a great program that we think you will enjoy.

The Leaderboard that we launched last month works well for those who are in the top 10 but it doesn’t do very much for those who don’t purchase bunches of products and participate in Daily Fun every evening. So we like to introduce our Tanga Point Program!

Our new program rewards all of our customers with the chance to earn Tanga Cash Rewards in the form of a credit in your account. With every purchase you make and every puzzle you solve or have published, you will receive Tanga Points. When you reach a certain number of Tanga Points, you will earn a new rank, icon and a reward!

Starting today, you will retroactively receive Tanga Points according to the current amounts of Tanga Points for purchases. So if all products you have purchased from the beginning of Tanga will now show up as 30 Tanga Points (or 50 if you were the first or last to purchase.) Any Tanga Points you used for auctions will be given back to you as they are no longer used as a currency.

For EACH level you achieve, you will get your new rank, title, icon and Tanga Cash reward added to your account that you can use at any time.

For those who start out the system at level 4 (for example) you will automatically get the rewards for all previous levels added to your account!

Here is what the levels look like:

Points   Level	   Reward
0	    Level 0	 0
100	  Level 1	 0
500	  Level 2	 $5
1000	 Level 3	 $5
2000	 Level 4	 Super Tanga User
3000	 Level 5	 $5
4000	 Level 6	 $5
6000	 Level 7	 $10
8000	 Level 8	 $10
10000    Level 9	 $10
15000	Level 10	$25
20000	Level 11	$25
30000	Level 12	$50
40000	Level 13	$50
50000	Level 14	$50
75000	Level 15	$150
100000   Level 16	$200

You will notice that level 4 is a special level! We have finally implemented our Super Tanga User status. STUs receive special treatment and will have access to STU only deals that we will randomly put on the website once a month, special access to give user feedback and other benefits. If you become an STU, please make sure to sign up for our email or text message alerts so you don’t miss out on any STU only deals.

We have decided to keep the level titles and icons a secret so that you will be surprised to see what they are when you finally get to a certain level.

What will happen to the Leaderboard? It will still be there and we will continue to give Tanga Cash prizes to the top 10 for each month and special prizes to the top 10 yearly leaders.

We hope you enjoy the new program and hope that you will continue to visit Tanga and share our company with your friends and family!

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