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Introducing Tanga Times!

Introducing Tanga Times!

Welcome to the first edition of Tanga Times, a daily bit of communication between us Tanga folks and our users. One or more of us will get things started every evening at 19:05 PST. We’ll post news, ideas, questions, riddles, links to cool things, etc. It will be another way to check in on Tanga if you don’t feel like straining your brain on a puzzle or buying an umbrella mp3 player.

Tanga Times is a blog so of course we expect conversations to take place. There will be occasional contests announced only in Tanga Times, so keep checking it out if you don’t want to miss out.

So here goes.

Diet tip: If you can find potato chips that have 40% less fat, eat two bags, thus consuming 80% less fat.

Here’s a link to a fun art toy somewhat reminiscent of a zefrank creation:

fun art toy

Click the mouse to change colors!

Here’s a pun guess. We’re thinking of a punny title for the official Cheerios cookbook. Hint: replace the first of two French words with an English word.

First to post the title we’re thinking of in this blog will get 5 Tanga Points.

Thanks for reading the first ever edition of Tanga Times!


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