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Get to Know the Tanga Team: Tanga Brad

Get to Know the Tanga Team: Tanga Brad

Today we would like to introduce someone on our Tanga Team that is on the front lines. The person that, if you have an issue, is the guy to go to. Tanga Brad has answered these very serious and very thought out questions to allow each and every one of us a glimpse into the brilliant and crazy mind that keeps all of the puzzlers and customers happy.

Feel free to comment and ask your own questions!

1. Creamy or crunchy peanut butter?
‘Crunchy by far!’

2. When did you start at
‘Last summer.’

3. Where in the world is Carman Sandiego?
‘Buenos Aires, Argentina.’

4. How long have you been male?
‘Since 1903’

5. Are you good at Customer Service?
‘Some customers think so. The others? Well we just wont include them on this survey.’

7. What happened to question #6?
‘He is answering customer service emails right now instead of me. Thanks #6! What would we do without you?’

8. Dogs or Cats?
‘Dogs, not just any dogs, big ones.’

9. Do you like your job?
‘Yes. Doesn’t everyone?’

10. How many fingers am I holding up?
‘Eleven fingers’

11. Is Tanga Nate your favorite co-worker?
‘I think #11 needs to go help #6 answer some emails! ;)’

12. What is your favorite:
-Color? ‘Tanga Blue’
-Shape? ‘Sphere’
-Brand of bottled water? ‘There was a bottled water company in Argentina called ‘Dishwater’ I think I will choose that one!’
-Website? ‘What do you think?!’
-Sleeping position? ‘Any and all’

13. What is the first thing you do when you get home from the office?
‘Scream into a pillow’

14. How many Tanga Puzzles have you submitted?
‘That would be a big ZERO’

15. How many puzzles have you answered?

16. How would you describe your Tanga duties?
‘Tanga duties? I would liken my Tanga duties to custodial work.’

17. Do you dream about Tanga?
‘I have dreams about TangaMonkey every night.’

18. Is electricity a liquid or a gas?
‘Neither, it doesn’t exist.’

19. How many pairs of ‘tanga’ do you own, personally?
‘That is confidential.. But let’s just say they have their own drawer.’

20. How many Titanium Rings do you own?
‘One for each finger and toe, of course!’

20 1/2. What is one thing you would like to say to our Tanganites out there?
‘Become friends with the FAQ page, he is much cooler than TangaBrad.’

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