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Get to Know the Tanga Team: Arnott!

Get to Know the Tanga Team: Arnott!

We brought you Tanga Brad and we brought you POSIX – Tanga Joe’s Cat and now I am pleased to introduce a very big part of our Tanga Community – Arnott!

1. What is your favorite neon-color?
Electric Blue

2. What’s the first thing you would do when you get into Las Vegas?
Find out the operating hours for the Pinball Museum.

3. Have you ever met any Tanganites outside of Tanga?
Who hasn’t?

4. Dish Network or Direct TV?
TiVo (plus old school cable – no box!)

5. What’s the first “One Hit Wonder” song that comes to mind and why?
That Thing You Do, ’cause I like the movie.

6. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Already achieved: Me.

7. Write a haiku on the spot… And GO!
On the spot… and go
Gee, Nate, what’s with these questions?
One two three four five.

(time: 30-40 seconds)

8. Dog, Fridge, or Mountain Bike?
Dog. And freezer.

9. What do you do when you pretend to have a life outside of Tanga?
Play boardgames, ride rollercoaters, search for frozen custard

10. Your favorite movie before 1970?
I’m not a “favorite movie” guy. Hard not to like His Girl Friday, or Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, or Casablanca, or Rear Window, or (just seen for the first time last year) Gone With the Wind (yes, I managed to avoid it all this time… damn, it was great), or Singin’ in the Rain, or It’s a Wonderful Life… but the “old” movie I often try to get people to see is The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947), starring Cary Grant and Myrna Loy (and teen-age Shirley Temple, when she was rather attractive), and which won the Oscar for Sidney Sheldon’s screenplay:

11. Are you a good or lousy tipper?
Very good. You want me at your station… just make sure you do you job.

12. What vices do you have that get you through a bad day?
TV & pizza

13. Favorite TV Drama?
Hmmm… see #10. But when pressed, seasons one through four (the Aaron Sorkin years) of The West Wing. The writing in some of those episodes actually gets me misty sometimes.

14. Who is your favorite Tanga Team Member? ;)
Uh… all of them? Yeah, that’s it.

15. Last thing you made with your own two hands?

16. How many times have you seen “The Last Man?”
LOL, too many!

17. How many puzzles have you solved in under 15 seconds?
Does it really matter?

18. When was the last time you hand wrote something more than two sentences?
Last week, actually. In my Letterboxing logbook.

19. Pencil or pen?
Pen: Uni•ball Micro blue

20. How old is your inner-child?
Just old enough, and just young enough.

21. First fruit that comes to mind?
Chili Pepper :)

22. Pop, Soda, or Coke?

23. How many hours a day do you spend on Tanga in a week’s time?
On average… around three.

24. Who is your archenemy?
No one. But I’m sure there are people out there who have made me their archenemy. I have a… “strong” personality.

25. What is the one thing you can’t live without?
Companionship. I could never live somewhere remote. I’m a total city boy.

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