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Now Live from Phoenix, Arizona. It's Tanga Live Customer Support!

Now Live from Phoenix, Arizona. It's Tanga Live Customer Support!

Welcome to the age of live Tanga Customer support! And here is your host, the Tanga Team!

Okay, so it isn’t Saturday night, and I couldn’t pull anyone away from their customer service duties but I DID want to just share some awesome news about our new (newly reamped that is) feature we are offering our Tanganites!

We have brought a live customer service system to the site so if emails and tickets aren’t your thing then keep on reading!

When we are online and ready for some chat-time, you will be able to see a link in the top right corner stating: ‘Chat live with customer support!’ Just click that link and it will bring you right to us!

He is a quick tutorial on how to deal with our team in a live setting.

Tip #1- If you have your order number, provide it in the initial questionnaire. This makes sure that the guy on the other end can help you the quickest. If you don’t have it – don’t stress but be prepared to provide additional information so they can find your order(s).

Tip #2- Tanga Brad IS in fact single. So ladies – flirt it up. You can read more about Tanga Brad by clicking HERE.

Tip #3- Be prepared to be wowed by our team’s willingness to help you. Some things you just can’t get used to.. And please don’t embarrass yourselves by asking for an autograph – that’s not cool.

Tip #4- When the chat has ended, feel free to fill out the very quick questionnaire at the end. To get to this page just wait for the page to automatically pop up for you. Do NOT close the chat. The survey is our way of tracking how we are doing and what we can improve on. We ALWAYS love hearing compliments, too!

Tip #5- Don’t hesitate to use the following words and phrases while chatting:
- Pragmatic
- Tootsie Roll
- Nychthemeron
And of course:
-“Tell Tanga Brad I’m single and looking, too.”

We look forward to being able to help you so click the link: “Chat live with customer support!” at the top of your page and we will be connected to you shortly.

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