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Meet TangaJordan!

TangaMattSep 6, 2011Views: 6273

You’ve met TangaBrad and TangaJoe’s Cat POSIX . Now meet our new designer, TangaJordan!

1. How did you get this job?
This is actually my second time working at Tanga. I originally did a brief stint at Tanga for about 9 months back in 2007. I got the job after being recommended by a friend to TangaJoe. Since then, I spent a few years at other startups and now I’m back for more.

2. What is it that you do for Tanga?
I’m here to help Tanga (and other sites within the Tanga family of sites) be even more awesome and easier to use. You’ve already seen my designs and improvements within the deals section of Tanga. Look forward to many more improvements across the site. And yes, I’ve been reading up on many of your concerns regarding Daily Fun issues. I hope to address many of those in the future!

3. Which is your favorite shade of blue?
Tanga Blue (#24B2E0)

4. Dog or cat?

5. Why is it that computer nerds love cats so much?
Probably because of something along these lines.

6. Have you ever considered going vegetarian?
Mmmm…bacon. Sorry, what was the question?

7. When you were small, what did you wish to be when you grew up?

8. Do you have any pets and if so, what are their names and why?
Yep, I have a wiener dog named Lily. I think she was the runt of the family. POSIX is bigger than her.

9. Windows or Apple?

10. How fast can you type?
One time during typing class in High School my teacher thought I was smashing the keyboard in anger when I was actually just flying through the speed test with beautiful accuracy. That was that high point of my typing career. I’ve since settled into mediocrity.

11. How many puzzles have you completed on Tanga?
Just a couple handfuls. They are usually too difficult for me. The only Daily Fun I’m good at is BottomFeeder.

12. How many puzzles have you created on Tanga?
Many test puzzles! Do those count?

13. What is your favorite time of day?
Either really early in the morning or really late at night.

14. What is it like working under TangaJoe?
It’s like a teenage dream that never ends.

15. Where do you currently live?
Beautiful Seattle, WA.

16. Regular or double stuffed Oreos?
Both, at the same time.

17. How many fingers am I holding up?
I’d have to be a psychic to know that…3.

18. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live and why?
Still trying to figure this out.

19. Complete this sentence: “I always…”
…eat chunky peanut butter.

20. Favorite Disney Movie?
Mighty Ducks 2

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