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JOB OPENING: Programmer for Tanga

JOB OPENING: Programmer for Tanga is looking for someone to help expand our e-commerce functionality. This work would focus on the database and backend Ruby service. This is a contract position (for now).

Tanga runs on Rails and Postgresql.

Contact if you:

- Know Ruby well. Metaclasses do not scare you. You wield the power of TDD bravely. You can fix bugs in ActiveRecord.

- Know Postgresql well. You know how to properly use savepoints inside ActiveRecord. You know when to use composite keys. You know how to avoid deadlocks in Postgresql. You know why validate_uniqueness_of is useless/broken inside Rails.

- You have a good sense of database design, particularly with how to simply and cleanly integrate it with the standard Rails idioms, but without losing the power of the modern DMBS.

- You are not afraid to have your code critiqued, you are not afraid to critique other code, and you are open to new ideas.

- You are pragmatic. We’re looking to ship, not build ivory towers. We’re looking to have simple, easily-testable and modifibable code and database architecture. Something that’s easier to test, for us, is better than something that’s Well Designed and Fast.

- You understand the *nix environment (processes, heap/stack, system calls, etc).

- You understand the web (http headers, cookies, dns, etc).

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