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Tanga Times - September 9th, 2007

Tanga Times - September 9th, 2007

Hi all!

I think we had a pretty neat turnout for the origin of our member usernames discussion ( – I keep going back to see if anyone else has shared their thoughts – so, thosw and renfurdson, and all you tangans – enquiring minds want to know!).

Now I find I’m curious about the hobbies and pastimes of y’all. Over the years (and yes, they’re quite a few) I have picked up quite a number of hobbies myself, ranging from crafts and scrap-booking through hammered dulcimer and many others (to the point where I claimed my hobby was collecting hobbies). I read a lot of mystery and sci-fi/fantasy books, and host periodic role-playing games (and spend way too much time online every night doing Tanga Puzzles!).

If you are into crafts, creative writing, music, this is a great school in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina ( I have spent several weeks there over the years – It is like “camp for adults” where you go and they feed and house you, and you get to do creative things all day in a non-competitive and relaxing atmosphere. So for the TT puzzle tonight, what would you get from these classes?

marbling, printmaking, gardening, spinning, soap making, genealogy, leather (browse the classes by subject).

Send your answers (and username) to pb_leadfoot-tangatimes at . As the other editors have started, the users with the right answers will have their names putt in the points lottery – with 8 points going to two winners each.

Anyway, I thought we could share our hobbies/pastimes tonight – perhaps in Haiku form (popular in recent months) or not if you don’t feel poetic tonight.

My latest passion (4 TPs FTP what my hobby is):
Silicon beauty
Form color light heat flowing
Gifts family friends

How do you pass the time?

- pb_leadfoot

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