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Puzzle contest update

Puzzle contest update

EXTRA EXTRA! We have decided not to stop accepting puzzles. We were planning to do one month of user generated puzzles, but the quantity and quality of your submissions has exceeded our expectations, so we will be featuring your puzzles for longer.

Here’s the link for submitting puzzles: CLICK THIS LINK

As a reminder, puzzles must be 500 by 500 pixel jpeg files. The answer must be one word. Proper nouns are ok.

We will award 20 Tanga Points to the creator for each puzzle that we use. It won’t happen right away because programmers take too many vacations to Paris.

Please note that the puzzle titles that you submit will not be displayed. If you have submitted a puzzle and the title is needed as a solving aid, please incorporate the title into the jpeg and re-submit the puzzle. I doubt this is the case for many of the puzzles but it’s up to you. Sorry if this wasn’t clear.

Some of the puzzles are (again, in my opinion) “one edit away”from being excellent. Since there are enough puzzles that don’t need editing, we’ll use those first. Some of you might get an email from me with edit suggestions. This won’t happen until after the new year.

Thanks to everyone for chipping in to make Tanga even more vexing! aw

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