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Tanga Times - September 29th, 2007 by Verve640

TangaMonkeyOct 1, 2007Views: 759

Salutations, loyal Tanganites. I thought I might change things up a little for everyone. Here’s a nice, harmless crossword to enjoy over the weekend. If this is your first trip to my Tanga Times, click here for previous issues. In order to obtain your Tanga Points, verify your solution, or both, send an E-mail to This week the prizes are as follows:

1st – 10 TP
2nd – 6 TP
3rd – 4 TP



1. Patriotic uncle 4. Favorable opinion from a shrink?: 2 wds.

10. Minutes per mile, e.g.
14. Repeated question from a tyke
15. Kevin of SNL and Weeds
16. It often follows once in story openings
17. It’s either ____ B, (50/50 chance): 2 wds.
18. False front
19. Animated clownfish that gets lost
20. Plant with blooms opening only in the AM: 2 wds.
23. Some like ____, ‘59 comedy: 2 wds.
24. ____-Cat, wintry transportation
25. Bravo in España
28. Start to type?
32. Assisted
34. Buenas tardes or bon après-midi: 2 wds.
37. The Persistence of Memory painter
39. All the way up, as volume: 2 wds.
40. Diva’s solo
41. PBS show taped at Boston’s Symphony Hall: 3 wds.
44. It’s a page turner: Abbr.
45. English supermodel Campbell
46. Possess
47. Staple tuber of the Andes
50. “What ____ About You”: 2 wds.
54. When Denny’s is open, e.g.: 3 wds.
58. Street-lining trees
61. Amount less than the usual trading unit: 2 wds.
62. Neither partner
63. Star Wars princess
64. Mechanical lubricant
65. An end to Israel?
66. It can create underwater forests
67. No longer fallow
68. What a clock in OK displays during winter


1. Hindu honorific
2. “Give ____, don’t pollute”: 2 wds.
3. A gift from the Magi
4. Outside of the organism, as an experiment: 2 wds.
5. Examined by a doctor
6. Crooned
7. Something broken for luck?: 2 wds
8. Christmas songs
9. Ken Lay’s scandalous company
10. Wee
11. Parrot
12. Dot follower
13. Father of modern ambient music
21. There’s ____, it’s futile: 2 wds.
22. Warning from a big cat
25. Most people have a nose for them
26. Pope who met with Attila the Hun
27. Simpsons teacher Krabappel
29. Take too many tablets of: 2 wds.
30. Orange-flavored drink used by NASA
31. Isle ____, in the center of the Irish Sea: 2 wds.
33. How many vitamins are ingested: 3 wds.
34. Close of Fatal Attraction
35. “Bye-bye”
36. Montreal major-leaguer
37. Art form that peaked during the Roaring Twenties
38. Declare frankly
42. False god
43. Overlooked
48. Traditional Dutch footwear
49. Tennis icon Agassi
51. Column variety
52. Square and slip, e.g.
53. White heron
54. PDQ alternative
55. ____ fixe, obsession
56. Hefty rival in trash
57. Dupe
58. Wapiti
59. Protective shelter
60. 1/1000 of an inch

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