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Tanga Times - November 2, 2007 by Verve640

TangaMonkeyNov 2, 2007Views: 773

Salutations, loyal Tanganites. How about another Metacross? This weeks puzzle is actually an unedited submission to me from fellow Tanganite thedude. There are a few variant spellings and a few places where Wikipedia will be your friend, but overall it’s a solid puzzle. If this is your first trip to my Tanga Times, click here for previous issues. In order to obtain your Tanga Points, verify your solution, or both, send an E-mail to This week the prizes are as follows:

1st – 10 TP
2nd – 6 TP
3rd – 4 TP

Please hold, I-L connect you…


1. Breakout maker
6. Explode
11. Mil. rank sporting two chevrons
14. Hunting player
15. Railroad horn blower of song
16. They sometimes give you gas (abbr.)
17. “I’m not being serious.”
19. Wrestling medium
20. Mourn
21. River in Congo
22. You can count on them
26. Just above middle C
27. Controversial 90’s sitcom
28. Olympic symbol composition
31. “That smarts!”
32. Heihachi Mishima’s grandson
36. Trinity’s prodigal charge
37. Some geeks run this to get them dates
38. Chin attachment?
39. Something to sit on
41. Nets’ star who went to UC Berkeley
44. Fireman’s tool
45. Trick alternative
46. Lasting condom brand
47. Unit of flights
50. Malcolm Reynolds’ ship
53. There’s 760 of these in an atmosphere
54. Frequent Japanese alternative to spaghetti sauce
56. Palindromic dam
57. Their code begins with, “There is no emotion; there is peace.”
62. Article for Adolf
63. A friend in France
64. He played Batman’s butler
65. Child advocacy org.
66. “I apologize, Daniel-san.”
67. Reznor of NIN fame


1. Descriptive wd.
2. It represented 300 in Sparta
3. Morning hrs.
4. Hogwash
5. Part of a print head
6. Comedian Izzard
7. Piggybacks
8. Pres. Clinton briefly studied politics here
9. Glass sheet
10. Anabolic steroid banned in 2003 (abbr.)
11. Cigarette brand with an eponymous mascot
12. Hot newscaster Zahn
13. “____ swinge”: 1985 hit song by Norwegian duo Bobbysocks
18. April event org.
21. FDNY union
22. Dystopian sci-fi cartoon character once played by Charlize
23. Avian-sounding name of an interactive Java development environment
24. Foil maker
25. Helpful hacker profession (abbr.)
26. Bull end?
29. Signed off on
30. Type of insurance from which soc. sec. originates
32. Plain ____
33. Frequent Gilbert & Sullivan actress, ____ Palmay
34. New Zealand is called Aotearoa in this language
35. Plus
37. Letters in the mail (abbr.)
40. 2000 gangster movie, “____ Beast”
42. Swizzle
43. “The baby’s coming!”
44. Attila was one
46. Represent by drawing
47. Like the Grand Canyon
48. Namely
49. Center of certain football games
51. Philadelphia sports radio personality, dubbed “The King of Bling”, Howard
52. Start of DMC
54. Vegas game with a lot of balls
55. Round, red-wax-covered cheese
57. Large climbing hold
58. Long-nosed fish
59. You may do this if you have to go really badly?
60. Erstwhile country music chann. that is now SpikeTV
61. Egyptian god with aardvark/jackal head

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