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Tanga Times May 23 2007

Tanga Times May 23 2007

Hey, puzzle makers! We need some really easy puzzles. As you might have noticed we’re trying to keep the One Word Warm ups super easy.

The idea is to give people with no clue what’s going on here a chance to get started.

Aaron will be making quite a few of the easy puzzles to try to demonstrate the easiness factor we’re looking for.

If you submit an easy puzzle let Aaron know with an email to

Here’s a puzzle you’re equipped to solve! What word is right of rib?
Points to first solver.

Here’s a riddle that was new to me.

Please don’t post the answer if you know it.

it is more powerful than god
it is more evil than the devil
poor men have it
rich men want it
if you eat it you will die

Christmas in May!

Try this

First to tell us who you saved christmas for gets points.

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