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Get to Know the Tanga Team: POSIX - Tanga Joe's Cat

Get to Know the Tanga Team: POSIX - Tanga Joe's Cat

If you remember last time – we highlighted Tanga Brad. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out you should! Just click HERE

Since everyone enjoyed it last time – we thought it would be appropriate to highlight someone very special in the life of one of our Tanga Team Member’s life:

Meet Tanga Joe’s cat, POSIX!

I sat down with Tanga Joe’s cat and she had a lot to share. Here are the notes from that discussion:

So, POSIX, what a very unique name. What does it mean?
It is short for Portable Operating System Interface Ten.

1. Scratch Post or Catnip?
Scratch post, not a big fan of catnip.

2. What are your thoughts on Garfield’s success?
He’s inspiring. I’m a fellow fan of meat and cheese (particularly beef jerky).

3. In your work, have you noted any acceleration of quantum decay processes by frequent observations?

4. Does Tanga Joe scratch you in all the right places?
Oh god, yes. I’m getting all loud thinking about it.

5. How many fingers am I holding up?
I can’t count. :(

6. How many lives do you have left?

7. What time is best for naps?
After breakfast. Before lunch. After lunch. Pre snack. After snack. After dinner.

8. Are there any curse words in “Cat” that we should be made aware of?
I show disapproval by rotating my ears 1 cm back.

9. If a man speaks in the forest and there is no woman to hear him, is he still wrong?

10. If you were a character from the ABC show LOST, which one would you be and why?
I have similar eyes to this guy- View POSIX’ dreamy eyes But my nature is more inline with Hurley.

11. What’s your worst pet peeve about Tanga Joe?
He kicks me out of bed and cheers when the small people chase me.

12. What do you do when no one is home?
Sleep. The best is when I can squeeze into high places so they don’t get me.

13. Who is your favorite author?
Donald Lewine’s not bad.

14. Do you sing in the shower?
I took a shower. Once. The sounds I made were not of this earth.

15. Soda or Pop?
Water, please.

16. American Idol or Dancing With The Stars?

17. If all dogs go to heaven, where do cats go?
Heaven. The last dog to enter my house rolls over at the site of me, I see no reason why we can’t co-exist.

18. iPhone or Android?
iPad. Look how much fun this is!

19. What makes you have a bad day?
Slow food serving.

20. How many puzzles have you solved on Tanga?
on what?

Thanks for taking time out of your busy nap schedule to meet with me.

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