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Results of the Back to School Puzzlethon!

Results of the Back to School Puzzlethon!

321 Students showed up for our Back to School Puzzlethon!
168 of them graduated, passing all 13 of our classes.

The rest of the Student Body:

   3 students were so close, but only passed TWELVE classes –
        two had trouble with Art, one with Spanish (lo siento)

   7 students passed ELEVEN.

   5 students passed TEN

   9 students got NINE, including one puzzlemaker… who was teaching a class!   So clearly, that wasn’t as much of
        an advantage as you might have thought.

   4 students passed EIGHT.

10 students got through SEVEN.

   5 students clearly didn’t study enough, only passing SIX classes.

   9 students were working too many part-time jobs, getting through only FIVE.

   9 students were jocks, paying attention to only FOUR classes.

22 students made the mistake of enrolling in the 8AM lecture, sleeping through all but THREE of their classes.

19 students were mid-semester transfers, and could only catch up with TWO classes, and…

51 students were either auditing, majoring in Theater, or not old enough to cross the street on their own, passing
        just ONE class each.

The Winners

(I did the random draw myself, actually using 168 numbered chips and a Crown Royale bag!)

$10 in Tanga Cash

Grand Prize Winner – $50 Target Gift Card


Thanks to everyone who participated, especially to the puzzlemakers whose puzzles I kind of co-opted to be in this ‘thon when it became apparent that Renfurdson and I weren’t gonna have the time to write them all ourselves.

LINK to the puzzles.

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