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Tanga Times - October 6th, 2007 by Verve640

TangaMonkeyOct 6, 2007Views: 972

Salutations, loyal Tanganites. I hope everyone enjoyed the crossword from last week, because as we know: Hope Floats. This week is another round of crossword mayhem that shouldn’t take a big bite out of your weekend. If this is your first trip to my Tanga Times, click here for previous issues. In order to obtain your Tanga Points, verify your solution, or both, send an E-mail to This week the prizes are as follows:

1st – 10 TP
2nd – 6 TP
3rd – 4 TP

A bit of Rossini to get the brain ready for action:
I won’t Tell if you won’t…


1. Shooter’s projectiles
5. Wished
9. Laughter components
14. Eyeball
15. Junkie
16. Victor Vasarely specialty
17. Greek Cupid
18. Falsifier
19. Lizard’s insurance?
20. Trivia magazine since 2001
23. Ticket stub info
24. It is usually trusty
25. Get clean
27. Lincoln’s spouse
30. Madre and Nevada, e.g.
33. Clinches, with “up”
36. Wade adversary
38. Disposition
39. Utmost degree
40. Bit of trivia
42. Dead, e.g.
43. Charitable org. that funds African children and mothers
45. “This is ___”
46. Hoax
47. Soft, sheer fabric
49. S-shaped molding
51. Taken in Calories
52. Like Gatsby
56. Serrated blade
58. Puzzle theme
62. Poetry Muse
64. Actor Bridges
65. Flood boats?
66. Amber, at one time
67. Euro predecessor
68. Cheerful air
69. Volcano emissions
70. Home of “SportsCenter”
71. Understands

1. Versifier’s creations
2. “Snowy” bird
3. Isolated
4. Parts of sonnets
5. Minotaur head type
6. Valley girl’s “Not likely”
7. Distribute
8. Dropped pop flies in MLB
9. Large cask for beer or ale
10. Gorilla or chimpanzee, e.g.
11. Stylist’s accessory
12. Arena for the Kings
13. Put in the hold
21. Fuss
22. French fishing?
26. Singer Garfunkel
28. Cyclist in the Tour de France, at times
29. Head dwarf of the seven
31. 51, famously
32. Where to find stitching
33. Brush off
34. Volcano goddess
35. Paint used by Tom Sawyer
37. And on and on
40. Decorates
41. Beatle bride
44. Spy org.
46. Heroes and 24, e.g.
48. Authorize
50. Easter treasure
53. Mysterious
54. It can be twisted
55. Verifies
56. Antidotes
57. Half-brother of Athena
59. Fragrant necklaces
60. Belabor, with ‘on’
61. Chinese dollar
63. Formal requirement

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