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World of Warcraft Adventure Game Character Packs
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World of Warcraft Adventure Game Character Packs
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World of Warcraft Adventure Game Character Packs

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World of Warcraft Adventure Game Character Packs

All Eight Character Packs for One Low Price!

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Product Details

All Eight World of Warcraft Adventure Game Character Packs!

In the world of Warcraft, there are many heroes and many perils. As each foe falls, a new enemy is revealed; as each hero falters, a new champion stands forth. Now, a new hero has risen to take his place in the Hall of Legends!

Dongon Swiftblade, a Troll rogue, is a wily and cunning agent of the Shattered Hand. Using his arts of stealth to conceal himself while in enemy territory, he is a master of dirty tricks, subtlety, and skullduggery.

Zowka Shattertusk, an Orc shaman, wields powerful weapons and the fury of the elements in her quest to bring salvation to the Horde. Able to unleash vicious magical shocks, infuse her weapons with powerful elemental enhancements, and deploy totems to manipulate the tides of battle, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Brandon Lightstone, a Human paladin, brings righteous retribution to all foes of the Holy Light. Using his powerful Auras, Seals, and Blessings, he is a holy warrior dealing out punishment to his foes. Woe betide any enemy who dares attack him!

Artumnis Moondream, a Night Elf druid, possesses the power and ferocity of the bear. By harnessing his druidic powers, he may assume bear form to increase his durability and strength. By calling on the spirits of nature, he may heal himself, trap escaping foes, and strike his enemies at range.

Brebo Bigshot, a Gnome mage, sets the landsape ablaze with his devastating fire magic abilities. His arcane prowess provides him magical armors and the power to incinerate foes with fiery attacks, even able to turn an opponent into a Living Bomb!

Shailara Witherblade, a Night Elf warrior, has mastered the art of armored combat, gliding seamless between offense and defense, between parry and strike. Her relentless training has prepared her to capitalize on her foe’s missteps with instant retaliation. Few would dare cross swords with this proud warrior!

Thundershot, a Tauren hunter, prowls through the night with the aid of cunning traps and his ferocious pet wolf, Bardolph. In addition to his deadly accuracy as an archer, his mind is so keenly in tune with the natural world he takes on the aspects of wild beasts to help track down his quarry.

Weenu Bloodsinger, a Troll priest, has devoted herself, body and soul, to the powers of shadow magic. Her unwavering faith in the world of shadow manifests as power words, shadow words, and other terrifying miracles. Using her shadowform, she possesses the eerie, vampire-like ability to drain her opponent of life, leaving nothing behind but a desiccated husk.

Additional Information

What’s In The Box?

  • Eight (8) Character Expansion Packs:
    • Dongon Swiftblade
    • Zowka Shattertusk
    • Brandon Lightstone
    • Artumnis Moondream
    • Brebo Bigshot
    • Shailara Witherblade
    • Thundershot
    • Wennu Bloodsinger

Each Character Pack contains:

  • 28 Challenge Cards
  • 23 Ability Cards
  • 9 Character Tokens
  • 4 Character Cards
  • 1 Character Miniature
  • 4 Quests
  • 4 Discovery Tokens
  • New
Shipping Information
  • Free Shipping!
  • Estimated delivery Oct 3 - Oct 8
  • Returns available within 30 days
  • Ships to U.S. (No AK/HI and No Military Addresses)
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