Real Deals From Real People

Since 2006, our small team has shipped over 4 million orders and have saved Tanganites $400,000,000 off list prices.

  • TangaMonkey
    "I find deals and sign paychecks like a boss."
  • Joe
    "Programming websites is the best!"
  • Matt
    "I do the marketing stuff. Basically I'm Don Draper without the fashion sense."
  • Matthew
    "It was either race car driver or accountant. I chose both."
  • Christine
    "I'm the smoke and mirrors behind the scenes (think smoke monster from Lost)"
  • Anthony
    "Walking proof that accountants are sexy."
  • Matt J.
    "Debits, credits what's the difference anyways?"
  • Lane
    "My warehouse runs as smooth as Barry White."
  • Rosemarie
    "I high-five our partners and they high-five me back … or else."
  • Neblis
    "You might recognize me from such films as, 'Nice Deal, Man!'"
  • Joey
    "I provide daily eye-candy to the site and to my co-workers."
  • Rickey
    "Ha ha! Business!"
  • Brad
    "I cry myself to sleep when I can't answer somebody's question."
  • Allison
    "Hey girrrl, I can fix that for you, no problemo!"
  • Stephen
    "Posting deals at 150 wpm. Jealous?"
  • Ciara
    "Monkey said there'll be deals like this, there'll be deals like this Monkey said."
  • Kim
    "More products! More more MORE, I say!"
  • Contract
    "If finding deals is art, then I'm frigging Picasso."
  • Derek
    "Gettin’ projects done. Cuz this is ‘Murica."
  • Chris
    "It takes a lot of code to make shopping this fun!"
  • Andrew
    "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"
  • Jerry
    "Creating Calm Out of Chaos."
  • Jessica
    "I'm so fancy. You already know."
  • Melissa
    "Talk wordy to me."
  • Michele
    "My int’l limbo championship skills help me find unbeatably low prices!"
  • Keara
    "Accountant by day. Ninja by night."
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