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I installed 5 of these in my house today. Easy installation and they look and work great!

Verified Buyer: Yes

I have had several of these installed in my home at strategic locations and find that they are really a great product. It's so nice to have these footlights because they are not obnoxious - the subtle light is just enough to make it easy to see where you're walking when it's dark. They are actually quite attractive the way that they shoot the three lights downward. They look pretty! Then, of course, best of all is that they are not like the typical, plug-in night light that takes up an outlet! I've purchased more for a friend to use to install into a home he is planning to sell. Nice feature for a pantry that has no window and is a pass thru to cellar stairs! No need to put the 'big' light on every time you pass through!

walter a. holt
Verified Buyer: Yes

ITS A REALLY COOL PRODUCT, PLUS you are not tying up a plug with a night lite plugged in. it just enough lite for the bathroom or hallway. I put them in 3 bathroom's and in the stairwell on 2 floors. easy to install, and if they don't turn on right away - its because they have daylight sensors !

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These night lights are a unique design. During the day they look like normal outlet covers and at night they light up and illuminate the floor below them. It was very simple to install. You just remove the original cover and replace it with the night light cover. An added bonus is this clever design leaves both outlets available, whereas other night lights must be plugged in, taking up one of the sockets. Great product!

Verified Buyer: Yes

These lights are great! Easy to install and bright enough to lead you safely around the house! Will buy more!

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