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4.6 out of 5 stars

Verified Buyer: Yes

these came in yesterday. Put batteries in tonite and they a re surprisingly brite.

Verified Buyer: Yes

yes, I would buy this product again. they work and are very bright and here in Florida we seem to loose power frequently and need light around the house at night. they seem fairly indestructible and should work well.

Verified Buyer: Yes

These arrived well packaged. Each one of the "bulbs" requires 3 AAA batteries. The light is not terribly bright, but it will work well in a power outage or while camping.

Verified Buyer: Yes

3 triple "A" Batteries, and hang the hook at the top of your Tent, and you've Got a very nice light..Awesome

Verified Buyer: Yes

Love them. Perfect for camping, hanging outside or power outage. Ordered a set for our children. And s set for our home. Thank you 😊

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