Bananas! Looks like we've sold out of this product.
Terakh: A Creative Strategy Game
Bananas! Looks like we've sold out of this product.
Terakh: A Creative Strategy Game
Terakh: A Creative Strategy Game  Terakh: A Creative Strategy Game
  • Terakh: A Creative Strategy Game
  • Terakh: A Creative Strategy Game
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Terakh: A Creative Strategy Game

A Beautiful Import From a Small Game Publisher in Canada, Eh?


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Product Details

We got another shipment of this amazing game from a small publisher in Canada! Please give us 10-12 days to get this shipped out to you.

Have you played your Elder wisely? Is your Idol powerful enough? Have your Inka warriors won enough victories? How many cunning tricks do you have up your sleeve? In short: How Strong is Your Kung Fu?

Move your Inka Warriors. Flip them for an advantage to Defense or Attack. Protect your Elder (but don’t be deceived, he’s a tough old grizzly). And empower your Inka Warrior who’s holding your Idol; increase your Idol’s power to the height of its potential.

Strike fear into your opponent’s hearts and control the boards with your magic. You can control your board. You can control your opponent’s boards. Rotate them. Slide them around to different sides. The triangular planes are each at your control, as well as your opponent’s, and all must be ever wary and vigilant.

What will your favored tactics be? Your opponent’s? What will you use to throw your opponents off balance? And don’t forget about the special cards. Though some may seem weak, and others strong, strategically played at the right time, your cards can mean the difference between defeat and victory.

Well, really, what can I tell you about Terakh that you aren’t already able to get from reviews on BGG and the World Wide Web?

Go. Read. Do not base your opinion off of a single, feeble User Rating; actually read what people who play games and bother to write reviews about games have to say about Terakh.

And then run your butt back to the Tanga to get yours before they’re all gone!
Checkers. Chess. Simple. Complex. Balanced. Magic the Gathering. Risk. It’s abstract. It’s easy and makes sense. A tactical strategy game. A game with a good amount of luck. People hate the box, but love the game components. People expect to hate the game, but then end up loving it. How much more contradictory, mysterious, alluring, enigmatic, and enticing can a game with these wild comparisons get?!

Great with 2 players! Great with 3 players! Great with 6 players! As a game that is widely praised as being highly original, this is a game for all breeds of game appreciators to own.

Here is a hard to find, and harder to get, small game company import from Canada: this is a bargain being placed on your doorstep!

Buy one. Or you’ll be kicking yourself in the pants later.

DISCLAIMER: I hereby declare, under penalty of discreditation, that I have no personal, or financial, stake in, or association with, Terakh, or its parent company StonePlay, and that (sadly) I have not been paid by Terakh, or its parent company StonePlay, in any way, shape, or form, for my endorsement and praise of this board game, Terakh. Furthermore, I hereby protest the fact that I am being used in this manner, even though it may serve my own selfish ends to see Tanga offer this fabulous game at a great price, to promote the sale of, and generate profit from, this game, Terakh, in which I will see no monetary gain or enrichment. Capitalist swine! Power to the people! Viva la Revolucion! Viva le proletariat! Inkas attack!

Additional Information


  • 6 Battle Planes
  • 5 Mana Stones
  • 6 Sets of 6 Inkas
  • 6 Spec Cards
  • 72 Cast Cards
  • 24 Mods
  • 6 Eight sided Die (d8)
  • 1 Direction Coin
  • 6 Four sided Die (d4)
  • 6 marked Orbs
  • 1 Victory Pendant
  • Designer: Terence Wong, Akhil Patel
  • Publisher: StonePlay
  • Players: 2 – 6
  • Playing Time: 120 Minutes
  • Ages: 9 and up
  • New
Shipping Information
  • Free Shipping!
  • Estimated delivery Dec 17 - Dec 22
  • Returns not available
  • Ships to U.S.
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