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Tanga Times May 21 2007

Tanga Times May 21 2007

Well, if you’re still here after all the confusion associated with our software changes, thanks for your patience.

We recently learned a game and we were amazed we hadn’t run into it before. If you’ve never played it, give it a try. If you know it, give it a whirl for old times sake.

The game is called French Toast. It’s a 20 question variant. No winner or loser, just fun.

Player A thinks of an object. Anything but French Toast.
Player B asks “Is it French Toast?”
Player A says “No”
Player B says "is it more like French Toast or more like (choose something)?
Player A answers and if the new item is selected, it replaces the French Toast.
Player B keeps honing in until he names the correct object.

Texas Holdem Puzzle!

The flop is KD 4C JS

The turn is QD and you turned the nuts!

The river is 3D and you still have the nuts!

What two cards do you hold?

Here’s a little word game

What are they?

white but not pink
dog but not wolf
green but not lime
slaughter but not murder
mad but not angry

If you know what they are, post another one…

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