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Aaron's comments daily fun 2.0

Aaron's comments daily fun 2.0

ok everyone all kinds of stuff is new and changing so bear with us!

(sorry bout no caps. bad back and typing with one hand and supporting back with other)

starting at 7 pst tonight we’re publishing a puzzle every hour for 24 hours. we’ll draw a winner from among the people who solve all 24. this winner will get a nintendo wii.

new points system.
points are now only available through doing daily fun stuff. you used to get lots of points for buying stuff, which made the meaning of the leader board a bit fuzzy. everyone gets to keep all their points. From now on puzzle solving will be worth more points. regular puzzle solvers will overtake regular buyers pretty quickly and the idea is that your total number of points will reflect your daily fun accomplishment.

We have a new system to reward quick solves. For every puzzle you get a bonus if you’re one of the top 100 solvers. this bonus is 101 minus n where n is your solve rank. first to solve gets 100 bonus etc.

having your puzzle featured is worth 150 per puzzle and 300 per hypercross.

we should probably make the puzzle authors ineligible for this bonus but i don’t think we have yet. so authors please don’t answer your own puzzles for a while.

i hope this will make the leader board a bit more meaningful after a while.

we know the new hypercross interface is bad. having to scroll down to see the images is awful. we’ll get that fixed.

probably forgetting a bunch of stuff but ok for now. gotta go choose 24 puzzles.

if you have some great unpublished ones email me at including your tanga name and puzzle description.

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