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Tanga Times - September 13, 2007 by BC

Tanga Times - September 13, 2007 by BC

For my first run at the Tanga Times, I thought I’d try a good, old-fashioned trivia contest. Every question relates to games in some way, no matter how indirectly. All 20 points will go to the first person to post all 10 correct answers.

1. In the film “Searching for Bobby Fischer,” Joe Mantenga played the father of a young chess prodigy. Who does he play on The Simpsons?

2. Actor Michael J. Fox made his film debut in “Midnight Madness,” a movie made by Disney about an all-night scavenger hunt. What was Disney’s first rated PG film?

3. Pong was the earliest game that can be truly called a video game. Alphabetically, who was the first person inducted into the International Table Tennis Federation’s Hall of Fame?

4.The band Motorhead provides the theme song for a popular World Wrestling Entertainment superstar. What is his real name?

5. Atlantic City served as the basis for the baord game “Monopoly.” In what Mike Meyers movie is the city referenced by a oversized banner?

6. Milton Bradley invented his first board game “The Checkered Game of Life” in 1860. What else is credited as having invented?

7. The world’s oldest dice were found with a 5000-yr old backgammon set in Shar-e Sokhte (Burnt City) in Iran. What aged Broadway musical hinges its biggest plot turn on a roll of the dice?

8. Considered one of the best modern board games, “Puerto Rico” tops nearly everyone’s list. Who was the first Puerto Rican to top the Olympics and win a gold medal (include year and sport)?

9. The band Foreigner had a hit with the song “Head Games” in 1979. What item gave the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Foreigner-related powers?

10. In 1974, Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson first published Dungeons and Dragons. Name all the members of Futurama’s “Vice-Presidential Action Rangers.”

by BC

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