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Winners of the Tanga-Love Sweepstakes!

Winners of the Tanga-Love Sweepstakes!

February now is over, the rose petals are wilting, and our guilt is finally fading about the entire box of chocolates we ate a few weeks ago.

Tanga felt your Love and now it is time for us to give it back with the anouncement of our “Spread The Love” giveaway!

A BIG congratulations goes out to Susan K. from Waterloo, IL who is the GRAND PRIZE winner of the Amazon Kindle! When we emailed to congratulate her and asked her what she was planning to do with her new Kindle, she replied with the following:

I was totally surprised and excited!!!! I was jumping up and down woo hoo!! Really,really LOVE TANGA!!! I haven’t really thought about what I will use it for— I’m too excited!

We replied and told her to make sure and Google what a Kindle is so that by the time it arrives in the mail she will know what they are used for.

We also had two Facebook/Twitter winners as well! When we emailed the two ladies we sent them five questions so we can kind of get a feel for how excited they were.

Here are those questions:

1. How many times did you scream and jump up and down?

2. Is this the first thing you have won this year? (2011)

3. Describe to us your Happy Tanga Dance:

4. What is the first thing you are going to do with your new HD Flip Video Camera?

5. Describe in full, explicit detail, how much you just love

Odessa E. from Los Banos, CA, who is our winner of the Facebook referral and won the HD Flip Video Camera, replied with these answers below:

1. It was more like one big looooong scream! I jumped up and down long enough for my kids to go from thinking it was fun, to thinking I was nuts!

2. It is the first big thing I have won this year!!! Well, next to the couple bags of cough drops and the gift card for $1.29. Hard to beat the excitement of a $1.29 gift card, but you guys did it!!!!

3. Let me just assure you, be happy you are not here to witness my Tanga Happy Dance. I think it is best described as resembling someone with squirrels in their pants. But boy does it feel good!!!

4. First thing I am going to record is my Tanga Happy Dance!!!!!

5. I love more than I love Chocolate chip cookies, yellow cake with chocolate frosting, warm summer days, roller coasters, the beach, a warm fire and a good book on a cold day, Acetaminophen when I have a headache…..well, I REALLY love, you get the idea.

Tami A.from Harvey, ND who is our second winner of the Facebook referral and won the HD Flip Video Camera, replied with these answers below:

1. I don’t remember… I passed out lol

2. Do coupons count as a win? :)

3. Well I grew up in the Michael Jackson era so it includes the moonwalk with me wearing a white glove dusting the furniture and the kids highly embarrassed!

4. I will be recording my kids.. basically stalking them & I know they are going to love every minute… well for sure I will!!!

5. How much I love Tanga… let me count the deals I have gotten… from magazines, to t-shirts to electronics… I find Tanga highly addictive & can’t get enough!!!! The puzzles stump me & keep me coming back also as a added bonus!!! Thank you Tanga for saving me money & putting this huge smile on my face!!! :) You guys are the best!!

From our team her at – a one last big “Thanks for the Love!!” goes out to everyone who entered and especially to our three lucky ladies: Susan, Odessa, and Tami!

Make sure you enter for your chance to win an ENTIRE YEAR SUPPLY of Lucky Charms Cereal and $100 worth of AZ Lottery Scratchers!! Click Here To Enter!

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