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Tanga Launch (Pre-Info)

TangaMonkeyOct 14, 2006Views: 1272

Tanga Launch is Coming Sunday October 15th at 7:00 p.m. PST!

Thank you for participating in our pre-launch puzzle extravaganza! If we had a dollar for every email we received begging for hints, we wouldn’t have had to start this business. We hope you had as much fun solving these puzzles as we had watching the threads on

Most of you received Tanga Points for solving the daily puzzles. Tanga Points are a form of currency that can be used for a variety of activities that will be announced in the future. We will also be adding additional fun things to do with your Tanga Points to our site randomly throughout the year. This may include blind auctions for really cool products, registering for Super Tanga User status, buying Tanga Trash, performing the Macarena or other cool and zany things.

Starting on October 15th, solving a daily puzzle will still reward you with Tanga Points but because our products are “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” so is the opportunity to earn Tanga Points for solving a daily puzzle. You can come back and play the puzzles at any time, but if you wish to earn Tanga Points, you need to solve them within 24 hours. But guess what? Chicken butt – AND there will be other ways to earn additional Tanga Points that we will announce shortly.

You will also notice that we renamed the puzzle area to “Daily Fun.” This is because we will be offering something fun and exciting to do or see every night at 7:00 p.m. PST (10:00 p.m. EST.) This could be a puzzle, a contest, a Podcast, a or anything else that we think is entertaining. For right now, we are going to entertain you with incredible puzzles that will be even more fun and interesting than the last 30 we published!

Oh, one more thing. We know that some people will try to create multiple accounts to try to collect as many Tanga Points as possible. If we catch people trying to cheat (and we have our ways to find out), we’ll have to eliminate those accounts from our system! It’s kind of like Elimi-Date on MTV but without all the hot women. So please play nicely with the other Tanga users and remember to please wash your hands after you go potty.

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