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Parents Just Don't Understand

TangaMonkeySep 20, 2006Views: 1228

So, I wanted to tell my mom about this cool new site that I help make. Here’s the text of my instant message conversation with her:

(10:21:11) Tanga Joe: you like
(10:21:34) Mom: I can’t do the first puzzle, does it have to do with leap year?
(10:21:42) Mom: What is Tanga anyway?
(10:21:49) Mom: Just for fun, or?
(10:21:50) Tanga Joe: a website
(10:21:55) Tanga Joe: you’ll see in a month
(10:21:58) Mom: There isn’t enough info
(10:22:12) Mom: is it a commercial website?
(10:22:20) Tanga Joe: that’s because it’s “One big huge fetchen’ mystery”
(10:22:20) Mom: Is it for someone, or yours only?
(10:22:23) Tanga Joe: that’s the title of the website
(10:22:44) Tanga Joe: yes, it will be a commercial website
(10:22:53) Mom: well for pity’s sake, I don’t understand at all
(10:22:55) Mom: whose?
(10:23:00) Tanga Joe: Tanga
(10:23:06) Tanga Joe: Tanga, LLC
(10:23:09) Mom: ?
(10:23:15) Tanga Joe: that’s the name of the company
(10:23:17) Tanga Joe: it’s a new company
(10:23:34) Mom: well, you worked for them before, right?
(10:23:43) Mom: the game outfit
(10:23:52) Tanga Joe: one of the guys from that is involved with this.
(10:23:55) Mom: the name is familiar
(10:24:03) Mom: ok
(10:24:12) Mom: how is Jessa?
(10:24:15) Tanga Joe: have fun with the puzzles.
(10:24:16) Tanga Joe: Good.
(10:24:50) Mom: I don’t know how to do them
(10:24:59) Mom: there aren’t enough clues
(10:25:02) Tanga Joe: what’s another word for impoverished?
(10:25:04) Mom: give me a hint
(10:25:09) Mom: poor
(10:25:18) Tanga Joe: Ask Dad who Bond’s gadget man was
(10:25:23) Mom: indigent
(10:25:35) Mom: he is walking in the rain
(10:25:48) Tanga Joe: do you know who Bond’s gadget man was?
(10:25:50) Mom: you mean who made his gadgets
(10:26:01) Mom: no
(10:26:07) Mom: of course not
(10:26:23) Mom: that is why I can’t do the puzzle, it is probably a guy thing
(10:26:27) Tanga Joe:
(10:26:40) Mom: ok, I will check it out
(10:26:45) Mom: is it cold in seattle?
(10:26:48) Tanga Joe: yes
(10:26:51) Tanga Joe: look at the website now
(10:27:04) Mom: we have had snow in the mountains, 46 right now outside
(10:27:08) Mom: ok
(10:27:54) Mom: it takes a while to load
(10:28:20) Mom: my internet is slow today
(10:28:50) Mom: I still don’t have it up
(10:29:14) Tanga Joe: dad’s not back yet?
(10:29:20) Mom: no
(10:29:31) Tanga Joe: ask him when he gets back
(10:29:33) Mom: it may not load at all
(10:29:35) Mom: ok
(10:29:50) Mom: he will be gone for an hour or so
(10:29:50) Tanga Joe: and then think what “pinecone” – “cone” is
(10:30:04) Tanga Joe: pinecone minus pine
(10:30:11) Mom: good grief, all this from 29 x es?
(10:30:11) Tanga Joe: oops
(10:30:16) Tanga Joe: pinecone minus cone
(10:30:31) Tanga Joe: what?
(10:30:56) Mom: well, the puzzle has 29 xes doesn’t it?
(10:30:59) Tanga Joe: no
(10:31:03) Tanga Joe: aren’t there question marks?
(10:31:16) Mom: Yes, 2 at the top
(10:31:19) Tanga Joe: click on the first one
(10:31:29) Mom: oh, you have to click on it?
(10:31:32) Tanga Joe: the front page isn’t a puzzle
(10:31:57) Mom: oh for pity’s sake, well, there were no instructions at all
(10:32:14) Mom: I will work with it again, you click on both the question marks?
(10:32:24) Mom: and what are the xes for then?
(10:32:42) Tanga Joe: they will turn into question marks, one new puzzle each day
(10:32:50) Tanga Joe: did you click on the first one yet?
(10:33:10) Mom: no, I don’t even have the website up yet
(10:38:39) Tanga Joe: did you click it yet?
(10:39:29) Mom: I need more info
(10:39:40) Mom: yes, I have the puzzle up
(10:39:48) Tanga Joe: ok. does it say “Impoverished”?
(10:39:52) Mom: yes
(10:40:12) Tanga Joe: Ok. What is “pinecone” minus “cone”?
(10:40:21) Mom: pine
(10:40:24) Tanga Joe: Ok.
(10:40:55) Mom: desmond llewelyn?
(10:41:08) Tanga Joe: So, take your first answer to another word for Impoverished, add Bond’s Gadget Man, and “pine”
(10:41:21) Tanga Joe: “poor”, something, “pine”
(10:42:02) Tanga Joe: from the page: “portrayed James Bond’s gadget man, Q,”
(10:43:25) Mom: so, it’s poor desmond llewelyn pine?
(10:45:24) Mom: Porcupine!!!!!!!!

Note the time gap in between the last two lines in the log. Shakes head.

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