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Tanga Times - September 20, 2007

Tanga Times - September 20, 2007

Today’s puzzle comes from the new Fall TV premieres. Now, I know that we won’t see Lost, 24 or Battlestar Galactica until 2008, but there are plenty of shows to keep us complaining until then. From the tabloid headlines below, name the shows. First one to get them all gets all the points (20).

1. Political family torn apart by new-found power!
2. All-Star gains access to secret government documents!
3. Family abuse scandal! Daughter forced to wear same hat every day! Jokes told outside bounds of plot!
4. Car insurance rates skyrocket as joke goes too far!
5. Hyper-intelligent professor confuses federal authorities!
6. Woman survives car wreck through miracle surgery!
7. Northeastern industrial town plagued by melanoma!
8. Rash of never-before seen diseases in single hospital! Surly staff to blame?
9. Severed torso found in shared apartment!
10. New craze! Tango in the planetarium!

Send answers to brian.clements at gmail dot com

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