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Tanga Times by Robrizob

Tanga Times by Robrizob

Most of you seem to be enjoying these rebus contests, so I figure we’ll keep at it for a little while longer. This week, let’s do movies. Try to keep it to fairly well known movies, although a good rebus should yield the answer regardless. Nevertheless, we don’t want to struggle with some obscure, Norwegian cult classic. Or do we?

Obligatory example:

So I can pretend that I got them all on my own, use the answer to your rebus as your image’s file name. Shoulda thought of that before. Prizes are the same as before: 10 points to my favorite and two 5 point runners up. This week’s guest judge is my magic 8-ball. Submit as many entries as you like, but you can only win one prize. To submit an image, first make a post. An “upload image” link will then appear on your post. The deadline for entry is 24 hours from now. Have fun!

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