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Tanga Times - August 27, 2007 by Pyrok

TangaMonkeyAug 27, 2007Views: 664

Another weekend over and another work week beginning. At least this weekend will be a long one. School begins soon too. I’m sure the teachers on our site are really glad about that (sarcasm)! In the spirit of a new school year and a hectic week beginning, here are some classic diversions you can entertain yourself with or you can use to keep students busy for a while when you need a break (parents and teachers both!)
I enjoyed the ‘escape from the room’ link robrizob had in his newsletter last week and if you did too you might want to check out the ‘Crimson Room’ series of old. They’re pretty easy so it shouldn’t be too much of a time-sink!
Finally, here are tonight’s opportunities for extra points. Tonight we’ll have some fun with words and numbers. Nothing too difficult; you’ll just need to be quick!

To try and make it more fair by giving everyone an opportunity to win points, I’m going to make this rule: You may only answer one of the “challenges” per post. If you want to answer all 3 – great! But you must create 3 different posts.

Number 1 – FTP 10 points: Find the word each of these pairs have in common with each other (You might remember a similar puzzle a few weeks ago) then see if you can think of a 3rd word that could have been used in the groups as well (as a hint and for clarification: this 3rd word should not be a synonym of either one of the other 2 already given; there may be more than one answer that works and I will accept any that fit the rules):

1. tied, obligated
2. end, gratuity
3. rapid, tightly
4. nasty, average
5. level, aparment
6. company, solid
7. Can you come up with another example?

Number 2 – FTP 4 points: In what order are the following sports listed?

soccer, hockey, football, baseball, bowling, golf

Number 3 – FTP 6 points: How many times in a 12 hour period does a digital clock display at least 3 numbers in a row (i.e. 2:22)?
Note: Only use hours and minutes and military time isn’t being used.

Catch you all next week for the Labor Day Edition of the Tanga Times!

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