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Help Wanted: Tanga Needs Improvements!

Help Wanted: Tanga Needs Improvements!

Hi there, Tanga People.

All of the people involved in making Tanga a cool place are going to be living in a tiny, secluded, undisclosed location for most of next week, similar to what happened here.

During that time, we’re going to be discussing ways we can make Tanga better, more entertaining and way cooler. So, here’s your chance to contribute feedback. Got any ideas on how to make Tanga better? How do we suck? How do we rule? How can we rule more? Please, be brutal and honest. At the end of this blog entry, I’ve listed some sample comments that you guys and gals can use for inspiration.

Keep in mind that ideas that would help Tanga grow and become a more successful business are appreciated the most—the more users who sign up and the more products we can sell, the better deals we can give you all, the lower shipping fees become, and the more resources we’ll have to put towards puzzles and games and other Daily Fun items. Also, yours truly is coming aboard the Tanga train full-time, so this new stuff should happen at a much faster rate.

It should be worth noting that (I hope) I fixed the few problems Tanga’s had with the checkout screen and duplicate authorizations. So, I guess you can complain about checkout problems if you really want to, but they’ve (again, hopefully) already been fixed.

We’ve got really cool things planned in the near future! Again, if you have ideas for how we can improve, please comment here. And feel free to comment on the “example” problems as well.

With adoration,
Tanga Joe

P.S. Have you guys seen the recent Ze Frank show? That guy rules!

“Example” problems with Tanga:

  • When checking out, the error messages are terrible

  • Errors aren’t formatted consistently across the site

  • On each blog page for a puzzle, you guys should show a thumbnail of the puzzle

  • You guys should show the last few orders directly on the My Account page

  • Why do sometimes you say an order is shipped and then it doesn’t actually go anywhere for days? That sucks!

  • It would be neat to click on a user and see the puzzles that the person has had on Tanga

  • Users should have a public profile page

  • I sometimes have problems logging in, I think this is because I entered my email address in as “”, but I’m trying to login as “”. Both of those should work, darn it.

  • I want to be able to edit a puzzle that I submitted

  • If I win some stuff in a contest, I’d like to be able to see the shipping status of my incoming package

  • The whole blog page sucks and is hard to navigate. For example, here’s how it could be improved…

  • Blog entries with 500+ comments are hard to read. You should break up the comments into 100 comments per page.

  • When I edit something on my account page, if I don’t type in my password correctly or I forget to type it in, I have to re-edit all my changes.

  • I want to use Paypal to pay for something

  • I want to be able to enter in a few different addresses and be able to choose from them when ordering something

  • I want to be able to send a package to a friend with a note inside.

  • If I make a mistake when typing in an address (i.e. my state and zip code don’t match up), Tanga doesn’t tell me about it.

  • If my puzzle is chosen for a day, I sometimes don’t get my Tanga Points until much later.

  • I want to use my Tanga Points more often!!! Create more things I can use my Tanga Points for!

  • I’d buy more things if shipping costs were lower.

  • Each puzzle page should mention the creator of the puzzle.

  • I sometimes have problems unsubscribing from text messages and email notifications. THAT SUCKS DUDE

  • I’d like to be able to communicate with Tanga people about my problems/ideas via my account page, instead of having to resort to email.

  • Fonts are used inconsistently across the application. For example…

  • I want Tanga Gift Cards!

  • Comments should be threaded! (thoughts?)
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