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Plug Your Puzzles

Plug Your Puzzles

Hey, puzzle makers, here’s a chance to get some more eyes on your very best (and friendliest) creations!
We are using facebook and twitter to steer unsuspecting souls in the direction of Daily Fun and we would like to include links to specific puzzles.

Here is what we would like you guys to do:

Look through your published puzzles and find candidates from among your best. What makes a good candidate?
Not too hard! We don’t want to scare people away with hard puzzles. Let’s stick with cryptopix and OWW’s with difficulty ratings of two or under. Puzzles that look snazzy are nice too.

We’ll pick some of our favorite plugs and make you even more famous!

ADDENDUM 6/6/2011

Post your plugs below. Plug followed by the url of your puzzle.

And don’t forget the plug! Remember, your clever plugs are what will make people go see your puzzles!

Here’s an example:
This little puzzle is like a mental after dinner mint!

Murdoctor, can you see what else changed?

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