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Tanga Times - October 11, 2007 by Murdoctor

Tanga Times - October 11, 2007 by Murdoctor

Hello, everyone! This is my first Tanga Times!

Before getting into the “audience participation” part of the show, we have some obligatory time-wasters:

Online version of Infocom’s ’Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ game

Build your own South Park character

The Visual Thesaurus

Ok, today’s theme is “The Story of the Moral”. Think of a famous moral, proverb, or saying… and then write a (very) short story about it, posting it here in a comment with the “moral of the story”. Here are a few examples:

Mick Jagger joined my fantasy football league, but he refused to draft Randy Moss or Santana Moss. The moral of the story? A Rolling Stone gathers no Moss.

My buddy was thirsty, so I gave him a Mountain Dew; hopefully, he’ll return the favor someday. The moral of the story? Dew unto others, as you would have them Dew unto you.

As a sports agent, I’d heard about these two tribesmen from the African wilderness with amazing jumping and throwing skills, but it would have cost me too much to go recruit them, and I’d have had to give up my contract with Larry Bird to do so. The moral of the story? A Bird in the hands is worth two in the Bush.

I will be the judge, granting 10TP for the best/funniest/cleverest story, and 5TP apiece for 2 runners-up.


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