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First Winners (plural!) from the "Romancing the Tanga" Poem Contest!

First Winners (plural!) from the "Romancing the Tanga" Poem Contest!


Some really great poems.

You didn’t just Romance the Tanga, you took the Tanga out on the town, introduced us to your friends, cooked us a delicious meal (who knew you were so talented?), and made us feel like the most special Tanga in the whole wide world.

You so rose to the occasion that, well… we fell for you. We fell hard. And so we just had to do something special. Which is why we decided to give out six extra prizes. They’re but small tokens of our affection – $10 in Tanga cash – but there were just too many wonderful poems to choose from. And hey, love is crazy that way.

Tonight we lavish our affection (and ten bucks Tanga) on the following three poets:

A rose of chocolate(s) …is the heart of love(duh)…Tanga very much!

Short and sweet. Big love for using the parentheticals. It actually makes sense. And what a finish.

Love is a tango, a dance
Between two bodies in harmony,
Legs twisting, arms tangling.
Love is a tangy, spicy, taste of life,
Sweet as chocolate, hot as coffee,
Delicious as a tangerine.
Love is tangible, real as a rose
To be grasped in your fingers,
So hold it tight.
Love is a tangent, unexpected
And worth pursuing.
Love is Tanga, a deal
To save you from heart-ache
And allow you to enjoy life.

It’s not just that this one managed to work in tango, tangling, tangy, tangerine, tangable, and tangent without feeling overly forced (we espeically like the tangent part), but it didn’t rely on that. The ideas here are nice, and elegantly expressed.

Upon my doorstep, a dozen roses,
an array of chocolates in five rows of three,
and a note that says, “I want you too too much”.
My heart skipped five beats and my Tanga mind could see…

What can we say? We’re a sucker for puzzles.

Come back tomorrow night, where more Tanga woo will be pitched to three more of you. And then on Monday night – Valentine’s Day – when we give away the BIG prizes.

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