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Tanga Times May 30 2007

Tanga Times May 30 2007

Honor System Origami Contest!!!

Go to Google and search for “origami jumping frog.”

You will find a variety of links to different designs.

The goals are maximum height and maximum lateral distance.

Feel free to modify the designs but your frog must be folded from one piece of paper.

Aaron had been working on jumping frogs and his record height is 16 inches, and his record lateral distance is 23 inches including post-jump slide.

It’s fascinating to tweak the design to maximize performance.

How about an origami jumping frog obstacle course? Let us know if you make one. Shame on you if you don’t. Mild shame.

Aaron’s design hint: Within reason, the smaller the frog the better it jumps.

The puzzle in yesterday’s edition showed 6 animals. To solve the puzzle you had to check out, etc for each animal. Five of the images were taken from the site whose url is the animal in question. is the homepage of caterpillar, a heavy equipment manufacturer. There are no kitty pictures there. There is, however, a picture of the Colosseum, among other things.
The winning post was thus “cat, Colosseum.”
What type of vehicle always has a policeman inside? FTP5

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