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Tanga Times - September 3rd, 2007 by pyrok

TangaMonkeySep 3, 2007Views: 683

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

I hope you were able to enjoy the holiday that celebrates the American worker and the nice, long weekend that customarily marks the end of summer. It’s also time to lament over what you wanted accomplish over the summer but didn’t and maybe make that last-ditch effort to try and accomplish something. Or it’s a day to just be lazy and have a federally mandated excuse for it.

Which brings me to the themes for today: Labor Day and Laziness. After all, laziness is not necessarily a bad thing (sloth is the “deadly sin”) when it is done occasionally or to celebrate a special day like today, your birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. So this issue of the Tanga Times will not require any great effort from you other than moving your mouse and maybe clicking it. Not even the points-challenges will require any type of research or lengthy effort.

Links for Tonight:
To start off, here is a simple Word Search with a Labor Day theme. (You might need to scroll down the page a bit to get to it -sorry about that!).

Next, here is a video that proves that no matter what, video gamers can and will find a way to be lazy. This one actually made me laugh out loud so I had to share it.

Here is a short, little quiz to see how you rank on the lazy scale. Share your score with the forum. I’ll admit to my score of 10 which is states “some people might call you lazy but you do what makes you happy.” I think that’s probably about right, actually.

Finally, the next time you need an excuse for playing video games, here is an article that could help provide you with a medical excuse.

Challenges for Points:

And now it’s time for points. I think the idea of a random drawing that a couple of the other TT editors have implemented is a great idea. It gives everyone a fair shot if they can come up with the correct answer but can’t always get to the site right away. I also think part of the fun sometimes is the incentive to get here right away and try and be the FTP (first-to-post) and possibly gain more points than all 3 of the nightly puzzles combined. So, I’m going to provide both opportunities. The first “challenge” (used loosely since tonight is the “lazy” issue) will be a FTP and the second will be a random drawing of all correct answers as of the posting of robrizob’s Tuesday newsletter.

Number 1 FTP: 10 points
It’s my birthday this month; can anyone guess it? Hint: It’s a prime number.
RULES: Guess as much as you want but only one guess per post (and no editing any of your original posts!)

Number 2 Random Drawing: 10 points
What common symbol used in arithmetic will result in a number that is greater than 4 but less than 9 when placed between the numbers 4 and 5 and what is that number?

You can email your answers to: (make sure you include both the symbol and the number in your answer in order to be considered for the drawing).

And now, if you feel like putting forth the effort let’s try and maybe get some dialogue going tonight. Was there anything you wanted to get done this summer but didn’t? Did anyone accomplish something they wanted to do? Anyone do anything for the holiday weekend?
I’ll admit that so far I’ve been lamenting about how much I didn’t get done other than work a bunch of overtime in order to support my developing Tanga-habit!

Well, thanks for reading! I hope you all have a good night and enjoy the rest of your week!


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