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  1. Posted on Jul 6, 2009

    Views: 460

    Game-A-Thon today?

    Heck yeah. Starting sometime in the next 3-4 hours…

  2. Posted on Jul 3, 2009

    Views: 455

    Ordering Works Again! (Was: Ordering down for the moment)

    See for details. Apparently fire and servers don’t mix.

    Use Paypal to order for the time being.

  3. Posted on Jun 29, 2009

    Views: 820

    Anyone Like Jamba Juice?

    Then you will like getting 2 for 1 until mid-July.

    Check out this link!

  4. Posted on Jun 29, 2009

    Views: 726

    Cool Deal for 24 hours on July 3rd to July 4th

    Make sure to come back and check it out! There will be a lot of stock so if you want it, you should be able to get it.

  5. Posted on Jun 10, 2009

    Views: 482

    T-Shirt From Last Night Now Available...

    For some reason, the qty available was set to 0. It’s now ready to go – sorry for the inconvenience. We will be selling this for another day…

  6. Posted on Jun 4, 2009

    Views: 628

    Another Visualization Exercise?!

    Hey Tanganites! A month or two back I picked a specific evening where you were to sit and visualize tons and tons of people coming to Tanga. I wanted to see if visualization worked and the results were astonishing. Looking back on all of those days, over a period of time, the number of visitors grew 100% from the previous time frames.

    Let’s try something else and see what happens! People are always complaining about how they aren’t seeing the types of products that they want to buy on Tanga. Lets all visualize on Friday evening, June 5th, at 7:00 p.m. PST (10:00 p.m. EST) vendors contacting Tanga to sell their items. If you want more games, think of game vendors physically typing out an email to us and requesting to sell product. If you want cool electronics, think of those items being offered to us.

    If we can get double the traffic in a day through visualization, this could work too. In fact, what I will do is put something in the heading of the product that shows if an item came through this exercise or not. Any item coming in from 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night until late next week will be labeled as a “visualization” item.

    I know that we may have items come in that would have come in anyway, but I will know if there is an increase of activity!

    Let’s give it a shot!

  7. Posted on May 21, 2009

    Views: 1,319

    Tanga T-Shirt Design Contest

    Would any of you be interested in creating a theme and designing a t-shirt around that theme? We could do have all sorts of themed contests like favorite board games, board game designers, political, holidays, etc. The winner could get a cut of the profits from the sale of the t-shirt. People could design the t-shirts and we could have a contest for the top 3 shirts and those would be printed.

    Anyone interested? How would you like to see it setup and implemented?

  8. Posted on May 9, 2009

    Views: 401

    Tanga Email Update

    Update: New email server in place – mail should be being sent to everyone except people with email addresses. Yahoo is blocking email form us.

  9. Posted on May 7, 2009

    Views: 464

    Tanga Moved To New Servers

    We moved Tanga to some new beefy servers.

    Post here or email if you notice any glitches.

    First glitch found and fixed: some stuff appears to be in the future.

  10. Posted on Apr 28, 2009

    Views: 422

    RPardoe Returns to the Moderator Fold.

    Hey, Gang,

    After what we’ve decided to spin as a very long temporary leave of absence, RPardoe is once again a Tanga Mod. Which is very good for us.

    Welcome back, Rich.

  11. Posted on Apr 27, 2009

    Views: 808

    New 24 Hour Deal, Now on Tanga!

    We are now offering one cool, hip T-shirt on Tanga every 24 hours. Come and check back every day to see what is for sale…

  12. Posted on Apr 15, 2009

    Views: 851

    Do you want Settlers of Catan for just over $1?

    Click here to go to the Amazon page!

    Put the item in your cart, and then apply for their Visa card. Voila!

    Thanks Inrr for the tip!

  13. Posted on Apr 12, 2009

    Views: 331

    Stored Credit Card purchases not working right now [Fixed]

    Sorry about that. I’ve contacted the systems people responsible and asked for their resignations and a prompt fix for the problem. In the meantime, retyping in your credit card should allow you to purchase all the Tanga goodies you desire.

  14. Posted on Apr 11, 2009

    Views: 690

    150 Songs for Kids for $.99 cents!

    You can download these 150 songs for kids here

  15. Posted on Apr 3, 2009

    Views: 1,004

    Any good April Fools Day jokes?

    I had a very uneventful April Fools Day. I didn’t have one trick played on me and I didn’t do anything to anyone this year. Lame!!!

    Share your best tricks…

  16. Posted on Mar 30, 2009

    Views: 621

    Uberplay-A-Thon Coming Tonight!

    We are clearing, clearing the warehouse and have found a bunch of odds and ends of Uberplay products. We will be selling them all starting tonight around 8:00 p.m. MST. There are limited qty on hand but we have some of Zarahemla, Ark, Ra, For Sale, Wildlife, New England and more. Don’t miss it!

  17. Posted on Mar 19, 2009

    Views: 1,420

  18. Posted on Mar 18, 2009

    Views: 485

    Arnott & Renfurdson's first Iphone game is available

    Hey all,

    The Yes Button is available!

    This happened about 30 minutes ago.

    It’s a trivia game that requires one finger to play.

    The questions were written by Aaron and Dave and the programming was done by our friend Erik Mitchell.

  19. Posted on Mar 17, 2009

    Views: 675

    I'm in Costa Rica, I see monkeys, what should I do?

    On spring break for a few days and there are monkeys everywhere.

    Should I?

    Spank them?
    Pet them?
    Scold them?
    Make them my friend?
    Eat them?

  20. Posted on Mar 8, 2009

    Views: 447

    !punctuation or CASE no longer matters when answering puzzles!

    iT no-longer matters if you use correct punctuation when:answering a puzzle, in accordance with the laws of gsub(/[^a-z0-9]/, ’’)

  21. Posted on Mar 5, 2009

    Views: 814

    New Game Never Offered Before Going Up Tonight!

    Just an FYI that tonight “around” 8:00 p.m. MST, we’ll be offering a new game which we haven’t offered before.

  22. Posted on Mar 3, 2009

    Views: 563

  23. Posted on Mar 2, 2009

    Views: 640

    Results of the Visualization exercise!

    Ok, so here are the results. I’m actually quite stunned by this.

    Friday February 20th we had 4167 unique visitors
    Friday February 27th we had 7216 unique visitors

    This is almost double the amount of visitors from week to week. Usually when I look at these stats, the amount is pretty close week to week – we NEVER see these types of increases. On Saturday, the amount stayed about the same week over week from the previous week.

    So we can either explain it by saying that visualization works and all of those extra people came because of the positive thinking of our loyal Tanganites or there were multiple other factors which I just don’t know about. Maybe it was the type of product we offered that day? Maybe someone linked to us that have never linked to us before? But overall, I’m pretty shocked by these results.

  24. Posted on Feb 25, 2009

    Views: 634

    Does Visualization Work?

    I have been hearing more and more about visualization and how it works to attract certain things to your life. I’ve been trying to visualize positive things in my life for a few minutes each day and see if the law of attraction actually works. It seems that every time I do it, unique and positive things actually do happen to me. I’ve been the biggest skeptic of them all and was wondering if any of you have had those experiences happen? Post them!

    I’d like to do a test -

    Tomorrow night (Thursday the 26th) at 5:00 p.m. PST, 8:00 p.m. EST, I want all the Tanganites that want to participate, visualize more and more traffic coming to Tanga. I don’t want you to tell people to come to Tanga, I just want you to think about other people sitting in front of their computers, finding out about Tanga in some fashion and then visualize them coming to Tanga and checking out the web site. I want to see if thousands of our Tanganites sit and think about that in their heads and send out that positive message, will we get an increase in traffic to the site? It will be very interesting to see! I will post the results of the test as soon as the latest Google stats get emailed to me.

    All that want to participate, say “I”!

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