1. Posted on Jun 30, 2007

    Views: 1,757

    New Tanga Point Program

    The Monkeys at Tanga have decided that we need to figure out a way to reward all of our great Tanganites who have been collecting Tanga Points for the past several months. We have listened to your feedback, received valuable insight from our top users and have come up with a great program that we think you will enjoy.

    The Leaderboard that we launched last month works well for those who are in the top 10 but it doesn’t do very much for those who don’t purchase bunches of products and participate in Daily Fun every evening. So we like to introduce our Tanga Point Program!

    Our new program rewards all of our customers with the chance to earn Tanga Cash Rewards in the form of a credit in your account. With every purchase you make and every puzzle you solve or have published, you will receive Tanga Points. When you reach a certain number of Tanga Points, you will earn a new rank, icon and a reward!

    Starting today, you will retroactively receive Tanga Points according to the current amounts of Tanga Points for purchases. So if all products you have purchased from the beginning of Tanga will now show up as 30 Tanga Points (or 50 if you were the first or last to purchase.) Any Tanga Points you used for auctions will be given back to you as they are no longer used as a currency.

    For EACH level you achieve, you will get your new rank, title, icon and Tanga Cash reward added to your account that you can use at any time.

    For those who start out the system at level 4 (for example) you will automatically get the rewards for all previous levels added to your account!

    Here is what the levels look like:

    Points   Level	   Reward
    0	    Level 0	 0
    100	  Level 1	 0
    500	  Level 2	 $5
    1000	 Level 3	 $5
    2000	 Level 4	 Super Tanga User
    3000	 Level 5	 $5
    4000	 Level 6	 $5
    6000	 Level 7	 $10
    8000	 Level 8	 $10
    10000    Level 9	 $10
    15000	Level 10	$25
    20000	Level 11	$25
    30000	Level 12	$50
    40000	Level 13	$50
    50000	Level 14	$50
    75000	Level 15	$150
    100000   Level 16	$200

    You will notice that level 4 is a special level! We have finally implemented our Super Tanga User status. STUs receive special treatment and will have access to STU only deals that we will randomly put on the website once a month, special access to give user feedback and other benefits. If you become an STU, please make sure to sign up for our email or text message alerts so you don’t miss out on any STU only deals.

    We have decided to keep the level titles and icons a secret so that you will be surprised to see what they are when you finally get to a certain level.

    What will happen to the Leaderboard? It will still be there and we will continue to give Tanga Cash prizes to the top 10 for each month and special prizes to the top 10 yearly leaders.

    We hope you enjoy the new program and hope that you will continue to visit Tanga and share our company with your friends and family!

  2. Posted on Jun 30, 2007

    Views: 958

    Tanga Times June 30, 2007

    You can pet your pet.

    You can drink your drink.

    What else?

    Also, if you get an idea for a puzzle (visually nice) the answer to which is a season’s greeting (Christmas or other winter holiday) jot it down and wait. We will be launching a greeting card design contest soon…

  3. Posted on Jun 29, 2007

    Views: 977

    Tanga Times June 29, 2007




  4. Posted on Jun 28, 2007

    Views: 999

    Tanga Times June 28, 2007

    A famous actor gives you his autograph. He writes his first initial and his full last name. You read his autograph aloud to him and walk away.

    Who is he?


    And hey, those points are worth a little something now…

  5. Posted on Jun 27, 2007

    Views: 928

    Tanga Times June 27, 2007

    These get pretty tricky. Do the “mind” ones.

  6. Posted on Jun 26, 2007

    Views: 1,000

    Tanga Times June 26, 2007

    Try This little bugger

    red white blue red white blue…

    Aaron hasn’t solved it yet but he’s fairly dim.

  7. Posted on Jun 25, 2007

    Views: 1,226

    Tanga Times June 25 2007


    Here’s another website finding challenge but not as ridiculously hard as the last one.

    Find a website that has one obvious thing on it of a particular color.

    For example the Kellogs home page along with RED encodes the word TOMATO.

    If we can find a bunch of these we can make something out of it. So post the url and the color, but not the word.

  8. Posted on Jun 23, 2007

    Views: 1,063

    Tanga Times June 23 2007

    How about famous people whose last names can be turned into other words by simply removing some letters (not rearranging the remaining letters.)

  9. Posted on Jun 22, 2007

    Views: 992

    Tanga Times June 22 2007

    Ok let’s go one level higher.

    How about some ideas for Hypercross themes/structures etc.

    At some point users will be able to submit Hypercross words/clues but in the mean time this is a way to get more minds in on the making of the puzzles.

  10. Posted on Jun 21, 2007

    Views: 1,079

    Tanga Times June 21 2007

    how about three words that make one?

    the three things have to be representable using an image

    For example CAR PEN TREE

  11. Posted on Jun 21, 2007

    Views: 1,177

    Tanga on Facebook

    Tanga is now on Facebook!

    This Facebook stuff is pretty new to me, let me know if you have ideas on how we can do more things like that. Or how we could improve our facebook application.

    Here’s my Facebook profile.

  12. Posted on Jun 20, 2007

    Views: 1,081

    Tanga Times June 20 2007

    These are new and pretty fun. You don’t have to subscribe to try them.

  13. Posted on Jun 20, 2007

    Views: 1,256

    Nerd Stuff

    You can ignore this if you aren’t a computer nerd.

    I’ve created a way for external programs/websites to load our puzzles and submit answers.

    • http://tanga.com/puzzles/current_one_word_wonder.xml
    • http://tanga.com/puzzles/current_one_word_warmup.xml
    • http://tanga.com/puzzles/32.xml
    • http://tanga.com/puzzles/32/puzzle_answers/check?answer=wrong
    • http://tanga.com/puzzles/32/puzzle_answers/check?answer=porcupine

    Also new, but not sure if it’ll be of much use to anyone.

    • http://tanga.com/products/current.xml
    • http://tanga.com/products/1.xml

    Got any other ideas for how we could open up Tanga? Post here and send an email to joe@tanga.com.

  14. Posted on Jun 19, 2007

    Views: 875

    Tanga Times June 19 2007

    Great news! Aaron is getting emails again every time a new puzzle is uploaded. Joe is merciful.

    We had several successful coin stackers yesterday

    Today’s challenge:
    create a riddle that you can solve if you are looking at a U.S. one dollar bill (back or front or both.)

  15. Posted on Jun 18, 2007

    Views: 987

    Tanga Times June 18 2007

    5 points to anyone who sends an email to aaron@tanga.com with a picture attached of an arrangement such as the one in this picture, but situated on a playing card…

    OK! Verve640 was equal to the task. Note this is worth 5 points to anyone, not just the first to pull it off…

    And A_Beaverhausen too!

    And Thosw too!

    And robrizob!

    oh and here was the first submission from Thosw GROAN playing Card indeed

    and leadfoot found her usb cable

  16. Posted on Jun 15, 2007

    Views: 998

    Tanga Times June 15 2007

    Ok here’s something to hunt for that might or might not exist.

    Can you find a web site with the address www.something.com where the “something” is a thing and the home page is simply an image of that thing? No text or other images allowed.

    No slashes allowed in the address.

    5 points for any find that meets the criteria. Not just first.

    There might not be any…

  17. Posted on Jun 14, 2007

    Views: 1,066

    Tanga Times June 14 2007

    Not sure how to make a puzzle out of this idea but it could be fun to play around with.

    How about thinking up acronyms for words that define the word?

    For example:

    Cuddly allergy threat.

  18. Posted on Jun 13, 2007

    Views: 961

    Tanga Times June 13 2007

    A new brainstorm:

    COFFEE and BLEACHERS (two words that can be clearly represented using pictures) conceal the word FEEBLE between them.

    Who can think up some more? Could make a good Hypercross.

  19. Posted on Jun 12, 2007

    Views: 1,014

    Tanga Times June 12 2007

    Nice work on the tv show rebus ideas yesterday! There are a few I might need help with…
    not too late to go back to yesterday’s Tanga Times
    and add some more.

    Who was asking about tree riddle epic poems? Oh, right. Nobody.

    Some (many?) are a stretch but at least it’s easy to check the answers. The answers pop up in little windows when you click on the blue words.

    tree riddle epic poem

    Can you add a vowel in the middle of a four legged animal to make a flower? FTP5

  20. Posted on Jun 11, 2007

    Views: 946

    Tanga Times June 11 2007

    Rebus brainstorm!

    who can think up rebuses for the titles of tv shows?

    You don’t have to make a graphic file just tell us how to construct the rebus.

    Use quotes to indicate any actual letters that appear in the rebus.

    Don’t post the answers and we’ll be able to determine relative difficulty.

    “Ch” plus a picture of ears

    Picture of a stop sign and picture of a pool table with an arrow pointing to the felt.

    If we get some good results, we will have created a hypercross puzzle together.

    Readers of Tanga Times will have a head start on solving it!

  21. Posted on Jun 8, 2007

    Views: 949

    Tanga Times June 8 2007

    If you’ve been thinking about sending in an item for the Jigsaw project, you need to do it soon! We’ll be taking the photograph on July first. There’s still time!

    Would it be a stretch to try to write a limerick about Tanga?

    We promise not to lock your account, no matter how bad your limerick is…

    Nice results on the movies yesterday. Hmm… could be puzzle fodder…

    Tanga Times readers would have a leg up.

  22. Posted on Jun 7, 2007

    Views: 877

    Tanga Times June 7 2007

    Doing trivia online is kind of tough since people can just use Google, imdb or whatever.

    Who can think up some search proof trivia?

    Here’s a try: _Name two-word movie titles with both words starting with the same letter. _

    I’ll start: Fantastic Four

  23. Posted on Jun 6, 2007

    Views: 865

    Tanga Times June 6 2007

    A water heater malfunction prevented our staff from reporting today.

    Anyone know any Light bulb jokes?

  24. Posted on Jun 6, 2007

    Views: 989

    RSS Feed Question

    Right now, we have two RSS feeds, one for blog/news, and one for products. We don’t have one yet for Daily Fun activities.

    Would you guys want one? Any other feeds that you’d like to have?

  25. Posted on Jun 5, 2007

    Views: 1,073

    Tanga Times June 5 2007

    If you’ve been enjoying the new Hypercross puzzles, get ready to help make them! Soon we’ll be accepting hypercross entry submissions. Think of them a simplified One Word Wonder puzzles. Quicktime videos, mp3 sound files and image files will all work.

    We’re working on making all the Hypercross puzzles available in the archive.

    Thanks to the several people who contacted Aaron about puzzle submissions. This helps while our puzzle management is in parts on Joe’s floor.

    Let’s try the category game again.

    I’m thinking of a category. I will give several clues in th form of A but not B.

    Once you figure out the category, don’t post it explicitly. Simply post some more A but not B clues.

    sight but not taste
    do but not be
    come but not go
    load but not shoot
    lord but not lady
    estimate but not guess
    hear but not listen
    tone but not hue

    there are plenty more.

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