1. Posted on May 31, 2007

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    Leaderboard! Oh my!

    Hello everyone,

    Tonight we are announcing our newest way to reward those people who are our most frequent users and purchasers on Tanga. Your fearless TangaJoe has created a leader board system where you will be able to see the top 10 leaders in certain categories (with more categories coming soon) as well as where you rank against those leaders.

    Each and every month, we will be giving away prizes to the top point leaders of the month. And at the end of the year, we will reward the top point leaders for the year. Every month, we will reward the top 10 at a minimum. Some months, we may be crazy and take the top 25 and other months we may go completely out of our mind and reward the top 50. It just depends on the type of rewards we have available for the month. The rewards will be announced 2-3 days after the end of the month and we will announce those prizes and winners in the Tanga News section of the web site.

    You are probably asking how you will receive points from now on? Here is the list!

    • First to purchase a Tanga item – 50 points
    • Last to purchase a Tanga item – 50 points
    • Purchasing any Tanga item – 30 points
    • Purchasing multiple of a specific Tanga item – 30 points for each additional Tanga Item
    • Answering One Word Warmup – 1 point
    • Answering One Word Wonder – 2 points
    • Publishing your puzzle – 20 points

    We are going to be continually updating and making this leader board system better for all of our users including the displaying of additional fun stats like “The Most Top Ten Puzzle Finishes.” If you can think of any more stats you would like displayed, please contact us!

    This leader board takes the place of the auctions as it seemed that our users weren’t very happy with the auction process. Hopefully this new system will be a better way for you to collect and enjoy Tanga points. Each month, the Tanga Points reset (for the monthly count only) so each person will have a chance to try to achieve TP greatness.

    We look forward to hearing your comments! Excessive whining will result in sad TangaJoe.

  2. Posted on May 31, 2007

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    Tanga Times May 31 2007

    Yesterday answer: A heliCOPter always has a policeman inside.

    Today challenge.

    Join A and B! We haven’t managed yet…

    Post your solution. Fewest moves wins!

    Time to slide

    Who has the following in your house?

    Ant farm with live ants
    Working lava lamp
    Rockem Sockem Robots game

    Does anyone have all four?

  3. Posted on May 30, 2007

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    Tanga Times May 30 2007

    Honor System Origami Contest!!!

    Go to Google and search for “origami jumping frog.”

    You will find a variety of links to different designs.

    The goals are maximum height and maximum lateral distance.

    Feel free to modify the designs but your frog must be folded from one piece of paper.

    Aaron had been working on jumping frogs and his record height is 16 inches, and his record lateral distance is 23 inches including post-jump slide.

    It’s fascinating to tweak the design to maximize performance.

    How about an origami jumping frog obstacle course? Let us know if you make one. Shame on you if you don’t. Mild shame.

    Aaron’s design hint: Within reason, the smaller the frog the better it jumps.

    The puzzle in yesterday’s edition showed 6 animals. To solve the puzzle you had to check out www.dog.com, www.horse.com etc for each animal. Five of the images were taken from the site whose url is the animal in question.

    www.cat.com is the homepage of caterpillar, a heavy equipment manufacturer. There are no kitty pictures there. There is, however, a picture of the Colosseum, among other things.
    The winning post was thus “cat, Colosseum.”
    What type of vehicle always has a policeman inside? FTP5

  4. Posted on May 29, 2007

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    Tanga Times May 29 2007

    Here’s a little picture puzzle.

    Which of these animals is not at its home?

    If you figure it out, make a two word post.

    Word one should be the answer animal. Word two should be something that is at its home.

    This way you won’t totally give it away but we’ll know that you know. And you’ll get the points.

  5. Posted on May 28, 2007

    Views: 918

    Tanga Times May 28 2007

    Here’s a really cool maze puzzle that’s been around for a long time. We played a version of it years ago and still had lots of fun playing it again this morning.

    Nifty maze

    Boggle challenge!

    I just shook my Boggle game and here are the letters that I got:


    Points for the longest word! If you’re not familiar with Boggle, words must be chains of connected letters. Letters are connected if they are adjacent, including diagonally. You may not use the same exact letter more than once.

  6. Posted on May 25, 2007

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    Tanga Times May 25 2007

    OK, it’s Friday Night.


    Aaron is stuck trying to solve a really silly game.

    Silly Game

    So far he has managed to get a pet cat that does nothing (kick the statue to get) a key that makes everything shake but doesn’t seem to open anything, a laser gun that makes cool sounds only and a blue stone from the hamburger room. The laser gun does not bother the hamburger.

    There’s a chart showing a key and some water and there’s a body of water but the connection is unclear.

    The items are drag and drop on target item to activate.

    Your sole task for this evening is to help Aaron make a bit more progress…

  7. Posted on May 24, 2007

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    Tanga Times May 24 2007

    Hello Tangans

    Here’s a question. Has a term emerged to represent a member of the Tanga community? Are we Tangans? Tanganites? Tangaites? I’ve seen at least these three in use.

    What are we?

    No winners in fantasy baseball. Everyone chose the Red Sox…

    Find the missing final element in each sequence. This will give you nine letters. Make three three-letter words. Discard the hat and the chart. Answer remains.


    FTP5 (new shorthand for “First to post gets 5 points”)

    Thomas and Benjamin chose GIANT MEATS as their favorite anagram of TANGA TIMES.

    The word right of rib is ton, on the keyboard.

    Thanks Verve 640 for showing us where to find the bottle cap rebus puzzles! They bring back memories.
    Bottlecap rebus site

  8. Posted on May 23, 2007

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    Tanga Times May 23 2007

    Hey, puzzle makers! We need some really easy puzzles. As you might have noticed we’re trying to keep the One Word Warm ups super easy.

    The idea is to give people with no clue what’s going on here a chance to get started.

    Aaron will be making quite a few of the easy puzzles to try to demonstrate the easiness factor we’re looking for.

    If you submit an easy puzzle let Aaron know with an email to aaron@tanga.com

    Here’s a puzzle you’re equipped to solve! What word is right of rib?
    Points to first solver.

    Here’s a riddle that was new to me.

    Please don’t post the answer if you know it.

    it is more powerful than god
    it is more evil than the devil
    poor men have it
    rich men want it
    if you eat it you will die

    Christmas in May!

    Try this

    First to tell us who you saved christmas for gets points.

  9. Posted on May 22, 2007

    Views: 999

    Tanga Times May 22 2007

    Might not have mentioned that the Tanga Times is Mon thru Fri.

    Tanga Times anagramming contest!

    Who can find the funnest anagram of the letters TANGATIMES?

    Any number of words but just those 10 letters exactly

    The judges will be my neighbors Thomas, 11 and Benjabin, 9.

    Here are some terms from games. Can you name the games?

    Defensive indifference
    En Passant
    Queen Finesse

    Can you think of other game terms that might be fun to guess?

    OK ready for turbo fantasy baseball?

    The league gets underway tonight and ends after all of the Wednesday Major League baseball games are over.

    To participate, choose four teams. The first poster to have all four teams win, wins the game! First means earliest to post, not your teams winning sooner.


    One more thing. Anyone remember when Balantine ale had rebuses in the bottle caps?

    Does anyone have any?

  10. Posted on May 21, 2007

    Views: 1,033

    Tanga Times May 21 2007

    Well, if you’re still here after all the confusion associated with our software changes, thanks for your patience.

    We recently learned a game and we were amazed we hadn’t run into it before. If you’ve never played it, give it a try. If you know it, give it a whirl for old times sake.

    The game is called French Toast. It’s a 20 question variant. No winner or loser, just fun.

    Player A thinks of an object. Anything but French Toast.
    Player B asks “Is it French Toast?”
    Player A says “No”
    Player B says "is it more like French Toast or more like (choose something)?
    Player A answers and if the new item is selected, it replaces the French Toast.
    Player B keeps honing in until he names the correct object.

    Texas Holdem Puzzle!

    The flop is KD 4C JS

    The turn is QD and you turned the nuts!

    The river is 3D and you still have the nuts!

    What two cards do you hold?

    Here’s a little word game

    What are they?

    white but not pink
    dog but not wolf
    green but not lime
    slaughter but not murder
    mad but not angry

    If you know what they are, post another one…

  11. Posted on May 19, 2007

    Views: 4,822

    Some new things...

    Hi all,

    If you’ve looked at the Daily Fun page, you’ll notice that it looks a little different. Hopefully better different. Maybe not. Let me know if it’s not.

    We are now doing two puzzles a day. And, in fact, they are not “puzzles” any more. They are One Word Wonders! We haven’t yet updated all the text to say One Word Wonder yet, let me know if you still see “puzzle” mentioned in a place. The first One Word Wonder is a warmup puzzle. It is worth less points. The second one is the “real” One Word Wonder for the day. It is worth more points.

    Hopefully later this week we’ll have more games for you all.

    Also, the stuff we’ve sold in the past is linked directly from the front page. And there’s a new commenting system. And there’s a new archive system for Daily Fun that’s still a work in progress.

    Let me know if you love/hate it!

  12. Posted on May 18, 2007

    Views: 1,062

    Tanga Times May 18 2007

    If you think solving Tanga puzzles is tough, try finding a googlewhack.

    try here

    First person to get on their list with a user name that includes tanga will get a gift in the mail from Aaron.

    Here’s a game for two to try:

    Let’s call it Props.com.

    Players alternate between two roles.

    The roles are Prop and Pick.

    The Prop layer proposes the name of a website, such as www.oddodors.com.

    The Pick player says yes or no, with yes meaning the website exists.

    If the Pick player is correct, he scores a point.

    Otherwise the Prop player scores a point.

    Play to 7 points.

    The sites have to be real sites, not place holders or “domain available” sites.

    Here’s a related question:

    How many of the fifty two cards in the deck have their own website?

    Bet all the aces do. If you look into this, post results here.

    Here’s a cribbage puzzle!

    All cribbage players know that there’s no way to make a hand worth 19 points.

    If the game is played with two decks shuffled together, it becomes possible!

    First person to post a 19 point hand gets 19 Thnaggles.

    One Thnaggle = 5/19 of one Tanga Point.

  13. Posted on May 18, 2007

    Views: 1,101

    Where in the World is TangaMonkey?

    Tonight at 6:00 p.m. PST, TangaMonkey has reservations at a Wolfgang Puck cafe restaurant in the same hotel where there is a place to see Lions and a Rain Forest… I hear that gambling is common place there as well.

    I’ll be wearing a black short sleeved shirt and jeans. I’ll be with a hot blond woman. The first one to find me and say hello receives $25 in Tanga Credit.

  14. Posted on May 17, 2007

    Views: 1,129

    Tanga Times May 17 2007

    Hi everyone!

    Time for another contest! To win this contest, be the first person to listen to the song, find the missing verb (it’s near the end,) switch the last two letters, add a B in the middle, and post what they make.


    Here are the results from yesterday’s thought experiment!

    We have 16 pieces of data, which should give us a result with 16 significant figures if my trigonometry is not out of date.

    Here’s how much change you had in your pockets in cents

    This makes an average of 83 cents. Times 200,000,000 equals $166,000,000.
    Therefore, if everyone in the USA sent you all the change in their pockets, you probably still couldn’t buy Google.

    Hmm… What else?

    Got a purple frog for the jigsaw project today.

    Finally, what are these? Who can name all four first?

    movie pig sex doctor

    breakfast cereal (active)

    basic, chemistry-wise

    outing made in a dinghy while suffering
    from poison ivy and a motorcycle (active)

  15. Posted on May 17, 2007

    Views: 1,367

    Where in the World is TangaJoe?

    Answer: Portland, OR aka Beertown.

    Why? RailsConf 2007.

    First person to find him gets $25 in Tanga Credit.

  16. Posted on May 16, 2007

    Views: 1,088

    Tanga Times May 16 2007

    Day two for Tanga Times!

    We only had a few readers yesterday, but one of them managed to win the pun guessing contest. Congrats tofuji!

    Here’s a neat map. The longer you look at it the more sense it makes. The creator of it does a daily online comic that strikes us as a cross between the Codex Seraphinianus and Teen Girl Squad.

    Neat map

    Tonight’s contest is based on the map.

    Name a region whose name consists of two verbs. You do the first in order to
    do the second.

    Five points to first solver.

    Here’s another thing by the same guy

    Another thing

    Help us with this thought experiment!

    How much change does America have in her pockets? Loose change not in change purses or wallets.

    Check your pockets. Post the value of the change you find. We’ll average the posts that we get and multiply by the number of people in America old enough to have pocket change. If anyone knows that number, please post it. We’ll go with 200,000,000 if nobody posts the actual number.

  17. Posted on May 15, 2007

    Views: 1,077

    Introducing Tanga Times!

    Welcome to the first edition of Tanga Times, a daily bit of communication between us Tanga folks and our users. One or more of us will get things started every evening at 19:05 PST. We’ll post news, ideas, questions, riddles, links to cool things, etc. It will be another way to check in on Tanga if you don’t feel like straining your brain on a puzzle or buying an umbrella mp3 player.

    Tanga Times is a blog so of course we expect conversations to take place. There will be occasional contests announced only in Tanga Times, so keep checking it out if you don’t want to miss out.

    So here goes.

    Diet tip: If you can find potato chips that have 40% less fat, eat two bags, thus consuming 80% less fat.

    Here’s a link to a fun art toy somewhat reminiscent of a zefrank creation:

    fun art toy

    Click the mouse to change colors!

    Here’s a pun guess. We’re thinking of a punny title for the official Cheerios cookbook. Hint: replace the first of two French words with an English word.

    First to post the title we’re thinking of in this blog will get 5 Tanga Points.

    Thanks for reading the first ever edition of Tanga Times!


  18. Posted on May 9, 2007

    Views: 999

    Spring 2007 Puzzlethon winners!

    Congrats to the spring 2007 Puzzlethon winnners!

    These 20 winners were chosen randomly from among the top solvers. They all win $10 of Tanga credit.

    Thanks to everyone who participated!

    Aaron Hopp
    Henry Chi
    Russell McElroy
    Kristin Bollinger
    Daniel Sarasio Meyer
    Chris Velayo
    Yves Lu
    Michelle Mims
    Thomas Royer
    Kristian Jaech
    Matt Luna
    Rich Lienemann
    Jennifer Bedner
    Sean Prescott
    Shannon Bryan
    David Trent
    KC Moffatt
    Peggy Bates
    Stacy Paylor
    Nick Baxter

  19. Posted on May 1, 2007

    Views: 1,418

    Tangathon Update

    I think we’ll do a Tangathon tonight.

    If you look at your automatic notification preference page (found in your My Account page), you’ll see that there’s two new options for receiving automatic updates during a Tangathon.

    We know that not everyone wants to receive an email and sms message during a tangathon, so if you do want to receive an email or sms for each product in a Tangathon, check the Tangathon boxes.

  20. Posted on Apr 23, 2007

    Views: 1,142

    Puzzlethon rescheduled

    Due to comments by several users, we have decided to reschedule the puzzlethon to make it fall on a weekend. It will start on Friday, April 27 at 7:00 pm pacific and go for 48 hours. Plenty of time to schedule those puzzlethon parties now!

  21. Posted on Apr 12, 2007

    Views: 1,089

    We're Hiring!

    Do you want to work for Tanga? Do you enjoy Turkish prisons and old Gladiator movies? Then we’re the right place to plant your behind for 8 or so hours a day!

    Tanga is looking for a product procurement and sourcing specialist to help manage finding cool electronics, gadgets, games and toys to sell on Tanga. Hundreds of thousands of dedicated Tanganites will worship your name as incredible product after incredible product (followed by a crappy product) hits our web site every night at 8:00. And you can be the guy or gal that makes it all happen.


    • Contacting and maintaining relationships with all of our vendors
    • Finding products to sell on Tanga
    • Cold calling potential vendors and making them love us
    • Negotiating terms, prices
    • Rubbing TangaJoe’s smelly feet


    • Must know how to navigate a computer and the internet better than Al Sharpton at a media event
    • College degree
    • 3-5 years worth of work experience
    • Must love working on the phone and working with people
    • Some travel to trade shows and relationship building meetings will be necessary
    • Have a positive attitude and be willing to wear multiple hats (and do different jobs) and be open to change

    Relocation benefits are not available.
    Job is located in the Souther Utah area (perfect for you Vegas Tanganites who want to get out of the hustle and bustle of Sin City!)

    Please send resume to jeremy at tanga dot com along with a cover letter about why you would like to work with Tanga!

  22. Posted on Apr 8, 2007

    Views: 971

    Daily puzzle improvements!

    Tanga Joe has been at work of late improving our system for publishing daily puzzles. Here is what is different so far:

    1) Puzzle creators are now credited (by user name now, instead of real name) right on the page with the puzzle.

    2) Tanga points are automatically awarded to creators as soon as their puzzle has been published.

    3) There is now an answer field on the puzzle submission page so I can’t screw up by typing in the wrong answer.

    4) I am not changing the file names of puzzles now, so MAKE SURE your answer is not included in the file name!

    5) The whole process of editing and publishing is much quicker and easier for me now, so I will have more time to review puzzles and communicate with puzzle creators.

    More improvements and new features will be coming soon.

    If you have submitted one or more puzzles and they have not appeared, now is a good time to bug me. I’ll get back to you and either publish the puzzles or work with you to make changes to them.

    If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out our object jigsaw project. It’s going to be a blast. We need more doo-dads!

    Happy Easter, Aaron.

  23. Posted on Apr 4, 2007

    Views: 914

    Auction for Deluxe Six-Piece Knife Set

    Cut, chop and slice like the pros with these deluxe stainless steel knife sets. Knives feature high-impact synthetic handles that are comfortable to hold and more durable and sanitary than wood.

    The knives have a strong, long-lasting blade that will hold its edge and maintain its shape. Includes the deluxe wooden storage knife block.

    The Kit Contains:

    • Chef’s Knife (13.4 inch)
    • Bread Knife (13.2 inch)
    • Carving Knife (13.2 inch)
    • Utility Knife (8.8 inch)
    • Paring Knife (7.5 inch)
    • Wooden Storing Block

    View the auction

  24. Posted on Apr 2, 2007

    Views: 1,514

    Introducing Tanga Rewards!

    Hello Tanganites,

    Tonight we are rolling out (in beta) our new program called Tanga Rewards. We have worked hard on this program and hope you all enjoy it. As always, your comments and feedback are welcome and will help us improve our program and work out the bugs. We have received a few items of feedback that we have already implemented!

    Tanga Rewards is a program that allows you to have the opportunity to invite your friends, family coworkers, buddies and enemies to come and create an account at Tanga. When they sign up with Tanga from your referral, they become part of your group! When any member of your group purchases from Tanga, you will receive Tanga Rewards in the form of a 1% discount credit towards your next purchase at Tanga. Invite enough people to your group and it’s possible to earn free Tanga product. That’s cooler than a liger!

    We have tried to make the process of inviting people to Tanga as easy as possible. One way is to use our handy email form where we will send an email to those who you invite, asking them to come and create an account and check out the daily deals at Tanga. The other way is to copy the Javascript code and place Tanga ads on your web site or blog. When a person clicks on those ads and creates an account at Tanga, they will automatically become part of your group. All of these features are found in your My Account page after you sign into Tanga. Just scroll down until you find it!

    When you grow your group, you grow Tanga. When Tanga grows, you allow us to purchase better product, at larger quantities and lower prices. This helps us bring you more of what you want at even better prices than what we are currently offering you. It also allows us to give back to our users who have helped us build this fun company. Thank you…we owe it all to you guys and gals!

  25. Posted on Mar 31, 2007

    Views: 1,069

    Daily Fun Improvements Coming

    Hi all,

    I’ve been working on some improvements to the Daily Fun system that will be rolled out over the next few days.

    While you’re patiently waiting, if you have old/bad/duplicate puzzle submissions, you can now delete them if you’d like. Go to My Account, click on “View your submitted puzzles”, click on the view submission link, and click the big delete button on the bottom of the page. That will help us a little bit.


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