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  1. Posted on Oct 6, 2007

    Views: 594

    Tanga Times - October 6th, 2007 by Verve640

    Salutations, loyal Tanganites. I hope everyone enjoyed the crossword from last week, because as we know: Hope Floats. This week is another round ...

  2. Posted on Oct 4, 2007

    Views: 403

    Tanga Times - October 4, 2007 by BClements

    “Alcohol, my permanent accessory Alcohol, a party-time necessity Alchool, alternative to feeling like yourself O alcohol, I still drink to yo...

  3. Posted on Oct 3, 2007

    Views: 534

    Tanga Times (Photoshop Contest!) - October 3rd, 2007 by pcox82

    Hola, this is pcox82 coming at you with my very first, very own Tanga Times! Hooray! Let me start out by saying thanks for the opportunity to wri...

  4. Posted on Oct 3, 2007

    Views: 443

    T-Shirt Winners!

    Congratulations to pyrok and dsmeyer for winning our Tanga t-Shirt design contest. While neither came up with exactly what we went for in our desi...

  5. Posted on Oct 2, 2007

    Views: 446

    Tanga Times - October 2nd, 2007 by Robrizob

    Last week we had a great turnout for the weekly rebus contest with 34 entries total. It was a tough decision, but Philana regained the rebus crown ...

  6. Posted on Oct 1, 2007

    Views: 3,559

    Tanga Times - October 1st, 2007 by pyrok

    I can’t believe Autumn has already arrived and the first day of October is already here! Time to start thinking about some Halloween-themed p...

  7. Posted on Oct 1, 2007

    Views: 486

    Tanga Times - September 29th, 2007 by Verve640

    Salutations, loyal Tanganites. I thought I might change things up a little for everyone. Here’s a nice, harmless crossword to enjoy over the we...

  8. Posted on Sep 30, 2007

    Views: 408

    Tanga Times - September 30th, 2007 by Apparatus

    I find art to be fascinating. I especially love unexpected art. Below are a few great examples of unexpected art: Desktop Art Sidewalk Art of Ju...

  9. Posted on Sep 28, 2007

    Views: 378

    Call for puzzles

    Hello everyone, October 15 is our birthday – yep, Tanga’s growing up. A whole whopping 1-year old. And yes, we’re going to get Ta...

  10. Posted on Sep 25, 2007

    Views: 384

    Tanga Times - September 25th, 2007 by Rob

    Last week’s rebus contest was quite a success. Apparatus and Philana traded rebus blows with Apparatus barely edging Philana after last week’s ...

  11. Posted on Sep 24, 2007

    Views: 456

    Tanga Times - September 24, 2007 by pyrok

    By pyrok The focus for tonight’s Tanga Times is Logic Problems. In that spirit, the puzzles being linked to are not web-based but must be dow...

  12. Posted on Sep 22, 2007

    Views: 491

    Tanga Times - September 22, 2007 by Verve640

    Salutations, loyal Tanganites. This week we’ll be taking a little journey through the jungle. I hope you’ve been paying attention to ‘Survi...

  13. Posted on Sep 21, 2007

    Views: 683

    Tanga Party Recap

    Wow, our first Tanga party. Fun was had by all. Tanga Monkey gave away a ton of board games at the auction. Lots of games played, food ate, drin...

  14. Posted on Sep 20, 2007

    Views: 397

    Tanga Times - September 20, 2007

    Today’s puzzle comes from the new Fall TV premieres. Now, I know that we won’t see Lost, 24 or Battlestar Galactica until 2008, but the...

  15. Posted on Sep 18, 2007

    Views: 464

    Tanga Times by Robrizob

    Most of you seem to be enjoying these rebus contests, so I figure we’ll keep at it for a little while longer. This week, let’s do movies. Try t...

  16. Posted on Sep 18, 2007

    Views: 248

    video and mp3 not working right now

    If you have made puzzles that contain these files we won’t be able to use them right away. thanks, aaron

  17. Posted on Sep 17, 2007

    Views: 471

    Tanga Times - September 17, 2007 by pyrok

    Here’s something fun: There should be something here for everybody. Just click on an image to play one. And here’s something interestin...

  18. Posted on Sep 16, 2007

    Views: 448

    Tanga Times - August 16th, 2007 by Apparatus

    With the recent 1st birthday of Tanga.com, I have had birthdays on the brain. There are the normal sort of things people find interesting about th...

  19. Posted on Sep 16, 2007

    Views: 433

    Hypercross thoughts from Aaron

    Hey all you hypercross authors! We will eventually have a way for you to tag you puzzles as draft or final versions. In the mean time, could every...

  20. Posted on Sep 15, 2007

    Views: 416

    Tanga Times - August 15th, 2007 by V

    Welcome to your weekly installment of V’s Riddle Corner. Each Friday evening (posted on Saturday!) I’ll provide you with a few riddles to earn ...

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