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  1. Posted on Sep 29, 2006

    Views: 1,024

    Congrats to Walter Holladay - Winner of Puzzle #15

    Holladay Celebrate! Holladay Celebrate! If we took a Holladay Took some time to celebrate Just one day out of life It would be, it would be so nice...

  2. Posted on Sep 29, 2006

    Views: 734

    Having Login Problems?

    I’ve heard a couple (i.e. two) reports of people having problems logging in. Not sure what’s up with that. If you are trying to login,...

  3. Posted on Sep 29, 2006

    Views: 773

    Congrats to Michael Medlin - Winner of Puzzle #14

    Two, Four, Six, Eight, who do we appreciate? Michael! Michael! Michael Medlin!!! He is the winner of a brand new copy of Ticket to Ride Europe ...

  4. Posted on Sep 27, 2006

    Views: 879

    Congrats to Fritz Schwartz! The winner of puzzle #13

    When I was a kid, my parents made me eat grits for breakfast. When I would throw fits, they’d grab their baseball bats and mits and we’...

  5. Posted on Sep 26, 2006

    Views: 566

    Congratulations to Mark Gallardo - winner of puzzle #12

    The guy who is named after one of my favorite cars pulls out a win for Monday’s puzzle. He will win a nice, brand-spankin-new copy of The Pr...

  6. Posted on Sep 25, 2006

    Views: 471

    Congratulations to Ashley Nichols - winner of puzzle #11

    Ashley Nicols is the winner of The Motley Fool Buy Low, Sell High game by Dr. Reiner Knizia. Congrats to Ashley for winning today’s puzzle!

  7. Posted on Sep 25, 2006

    Views: 465

    Congratulations to Justin Butterfield - the winner of Puzzle #10

    Justin, Justin, he’s our man. If he can’t do it, nobody can! This fine young chap will receive a copy of Tempus. Some say this could...

  8. Posted on Sep 24, 2006

    Views: 802

    Congratulations to Roland Wood - winner of puzzle #9!

    Roland Wood has won Puzzle #9 and will be receiving a free copy of Ticket to Ride Marklin as a gift from the generous, kind and humble souls of Tan...

  9. Posted on Sep 23, 2006

    Views: 727

    Congrats to Matt Healy - Winner of Puzzle #8!

    Matt Healy is the winner of puzzle #8 and will receive a free copy of Uberplay’s Double or Nothing. Congratulations on winning today’s...

  10. Posted on Sep 22, 2006

    Views: 641

    RSS Feeds Active

    This blog’s RSS feed can be found at http://feeds.feedburner.com/TangaBlog . Add it to your feed reader today! (TangaJoe likes http://www.go...

  11. Posted on Sep 22, 2006

    Views: 682

    New Feature Alert!

    Ok, so we had so many people asking for easy ways to share these fun puzzles, we decided to make it easy on you. On each page, in the upper right ...

  12. Posted on Sep 21, 2006

    Views: 466

    Congrats to Larry Levy!

    Larry Levy won yesterday’s uber-tough puzzle and will receive a free copy of Roads and Boats! Congrats to Larry and good luck with the rest ...

  13. Posted on Sep 20, 2006

    Views: 881

    Parents Just Don't Understand

    So, I wanted to tell my mom about this cool new site that I help make. Here’s the text of my instant message conversation with her: (10:21:...

  14. Posted on Sep 20, 2006

    Views: 680

    Tonight's Gonna Be a DOOZY!

    Hey boys and girls! Tonight’s puzzle is a doozy and is the hardest puzzle so far during your fun trip to insanity. But to make it all worth...

  15. Posted on Sep 19, 2006

    Views: 823

    Aaaarghhhh!!!! Shiver me timbers!

    Arrrr sea dogs an’ lan’ lubbers – if ye didna know already, today be Talkin’ Like A Pirate Day! Shiver me timbers!! Aye, ‘...

  16. Posted on Sep 18, 2006

    Views: 719

    How Winners Are Announced

    We will be announcing the winners of the previous day’s puzzle on our main page at www.tanga.com. On Friday, Jonathon Franklin of Seattle WA...

  17. Posted on Sep 17, 2006

    Views: 743

    Stats - your request is our demand...

    Hey Tanga Guys/Gals – we saw that some of you were asking for some stats to see how many people played the puzzle and how long it took them t...

  18. Posted on Sep 16, 2006

    Views: 710

    Yesterday's Winner Received Caylus!

    Jason Spears was our first Tanga winner and will receive a brand spankin’ new copy of the popular game Cylus. Now he can get a group of peop...

  19. Posted on Sep 15, 2006

    Views: 722

    Welcome to Tanga!

    Well, we are launching our new site, Tanga.com, but we can’t tell you exactly what we are doing yet. But what we want you to do is win cool ...

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