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  1. Posted on Apr 10, 2012

    Views: 10,303

    Tanga New Look Celebration Sale Starts Today!

    Greetings good-looking Tanganite. We’ve changed some stuff. Maybe you noticed? Here’s what we did.

    Product Categories = Easier Shopping

    Yes, we still have the six daily deals, front and center.

    We’ve put all of the rest of our killer deals in logical categories, instead of the former hodge-podge deal dumping ground we used to call Second Chance. Yes, my friends, you can now actually FIND deals on stuff you are interested in, without having to wade through the stuff you aren’t.

    And hey, we added a search bar to the site too. Let’s party like it’s 1999!

    To recap: Great deals…without the 24 hour time limit.

    New Look for Daily Fun

    Everything else was getting all fancy-schmancy. Tanga’s DAILY FUN section deserved a face-lift too.

    - New look for Cryptopix? Check.
    - New look for Hypercross? Check.
    - How about One Word Wonder and Random Questions? Check, check.
    - What about the Past Puzzles and Games section? Checkaroo!

    Take a look at Tanga’s new & improved Daily Fun.

    Big Savings at our Celebration Sale!

    We’re celebrating our new look in the best way we know…by giving you amazing deals! Please spend some time shopping at our Tanga New Look Celebration Sale from April 10-13. Enjoy the bonus savings!

    Got Bugs?

    Let us know if you see anything wacky or buggy by telling us what you see below.

  2. Posted on Apr 2, 2012

    Views: 12,165

    Making some changes...stay tuned!

    Hey, you probably noticed that we’re making a few changes to the site. Please bear with us as we clean up our mess a little bit.

  3. Posted on Mar 29, 2012

    Views: 8,925

    decofloorlamp Just Won $50 Tanga Cash! You Can Too!

    Tanga user decofloorlamp won $50 Tanga Cash for entering the Tanga Weekly Review Sweepstakes!

    Just by posting a review to, decofloorlamp was randomly drawn as our winner!

    Read all of the directions here and enter to win!

  4. Posted on Mar 27, 2012

    Views: 10,415

    Spring Cleaning Puzzlethon - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

    How fitting for our Spring Cleaning Puzzlethon that the number of users that participated was 409. That’s the formula… for fun!

    Here are a few other stats for you:

    409 users participated
    66 users solved all 33 puzzles
    8 users, though, stopped at 32, not bothering with whatever that last one was :)
    78 users solved just one puzzle

    The Runners-Up
    For the most part, these five winners solved all the puzzles. But there was one who only solved a few.. and still won something. Each of the people here will get a White Elephant Gift Box mailed to them – boxes filled with something that we Tanga AdMin’s want to get rid of from our homes :)

    I could have just randomly assigned these, but I felt like rewarding the second place winner (aka the first runner-up). So that person will get to choose which of the five of us they want their box to come from… and then the next person will choose from the remaining four, and so on down the line.


    Solving 31 of the 33 puzzles, the first runner-up is:

    Spam, please choose from the following Tanga AdMins:

    Tanga Monkey {our fearless leader}
    Tanga Matt
    Tanga Joe
    Arnott {me}

    And then post here which one you want your box to come from so that the others can see who’s left.

    Next, having solved all 33 puzzles is:

    Darwin, after spamtrap chooses, please pick one of the remaining people.

    After that, having solved all 33 puzzles is:

    Next, having only solved 4 puzzles (weee!) is:

    And getting the last White Elephant Box, having solved all 33 puzzles is:

    The Grand Prize Winner
    Having solved 32 of the 33 puzzles (which one did you skip/give up on?), the winner of the Garden Gnome! is:

                         rkarljr !!!

    (if you haven’t checked out Karl’s avatar, you should :P)

    Congratulations to all the winners, and a special thanks to all the puzzlemakers for being both understanding and patient. Really, without them, the Daily Fun side of Tanga would be, well… either gone, greatly reduced, or a HUGE crapload of work for Aaron and me :)

  5. Posted on Mar 27, 2012

    Views: 6,945

    Spring Cleaning Puzzlethon - Still Working On It

    Results are being tabulated… and stuff. Everyone please be patient, we haven’t forgotten about this contest, I swear :)

  6. Posted on Mar 23, 2012

    Views: 7,710

    Spring Cleaning Puzzlethon - LAST DAY OF PUZZLES

    Though today is the last day we’re putting out new Spring Cleaning Puzzles, you still have until Sunday, March 25 at 7PM, PST to have any of your solves be eligible as “tickets” in our prize giveaway.

                                          (click image for puzzles and details)

  7. Posted on Mar 22, 2012

    Views: 7,206

    Day THREE - Spring Cleaning Puzzlethon

                       Solve some puzzles!
                   Win some prizes (maybe)!

                                            (click for puzzles and details)

  8. Posted on Mar 21, 2012

    Views: 7,133

    Day TWO - Spring Cleaning Puzzlethon

                       Solve some puzzles!
                   Win some prizes (maybe)!

                                            (click for puzzles and details)

  9. Posted on Mar 20, 2012

    Views: 9,746

    Spring Cleaning Puzzlethon - STARTS TODAY!

                       Solve some puzzles!
                   Win some prizes (maybe)!

                                            (click for puzzles and details)

  10. Posted on Mar 19, 2012

    Views: 16,376

    Tanga’s All Time Best Sellers are BACK!

    Each day this week, Tanga will feature our top selling t-shirts as our T-Shirt deal of the day (through Sunday).

    Each shirt, just $5.55…for 24 hours only.

    See today’s shirt here!

  11. Posted on Mar 15, 2012

    Views: 7,290

    slstevener Just Won $50 Tanga Cash! You Can Too!

    Tanga user slstevener won $50 Tanga Cash for entering the Tanga Weekly Review Sweepstakes!

    Just by posting a review to, slstevener was randomly drawn as our winner!

    Read all of the directions here and enter to win!

  12. Posted on Mar 14, 2012

    Views: 7,380

    Spring Cleaning Puzzlethon - March 20th

    Full details here:

  13. Posted on Mar 13, 2012

    Views: 10,693

  14. Posted on Mar 12, 2012

    Views: 8,793

    Tanga's 2012 NCAA Tournament Challenge!

    It’s that time of year, when everyone tests their luck and shouts, “THIS IS MY YEAR!” when filling out their brackets. When Blue Devils get into staring contests with Jayhawks and Cinderella makes an appearance on the court! When we consider wearing face paint around the house…just because.

    Yes, fellow Tanganites, the 2012 Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament brackets have been announced and it’s time for Tanga’s 2012 NCAA Tournament Challenge!

    Who can pick the most winners? Whether you are into sports or not, participating is easy. Just go through and make your guesses of who will win and we will see how who is the best prognosticator of the bunch.

    The Prizes!

    First prize: $75 Dicks Sporting Goods Gift Card

    Second prize: A Spalding Official NBA Size Indoor/Outdoor Excel Basketball

    How to Play

    Sign up by creating an account here and following the instructions:

    Group: Tanga2012Challenge
    Password: tangarocks

    Be sure to have the brackets picked by Wednesday night as the first game is on Thursday morning.

    After that, just follow along and we will see who does the best in our Tanga group!

    Game on….

  15. Posted on Mar 6, 2012

    Views: 7,303

    Spring Cleaning Puzzle"thon" - March 20th

    We’re doing this again!

    Tuesday, March 20, is the first day of Spring. So the puzzle side of Tanga is gonna be doing a little Spring Cleaning.

    I put “thon” in quotes because we’ll likely be rolling out Spring Cleaning puzzles all week, and they’ll all be Unfeatured, points-wise, so you’re in no immediate rush to solve them…

    …but I also added the “thon” part because we’ll be giving away prizes for solving. And the good news is: you don’t have to solve them all to be eligible. Each puzzle that you solve gets you one entry into the contest. So think of it like a raffle, where every puzzle you solve gets you another ticket. The more puzzles you solve, the better your chances… but you can also just solve one and still win!

    And no, there will not a badge for this.

    The puzzles will be a mix: some of ‘em, I’ll just warn you now, will be so-so. But some of them will be quite good – Featurable, even – puzzles, for the most part, that have been sitting in the Nominated queue for a loooong time.

    In other words: Spring Cleaning!

    I think we’ll be able to whip up a splash page for this, but if not, I’ll just post the URL’s here and also in the Discussion Forum. And we’re still working out the prizes. Stay tuned!

  16. Posted on Mar 1, 2012

    Views: 7,924

    AngelZ Just Won $50 Tanga Cash! You Can Too!

    Tanga user AngelZ won $50 Tanga Cash for entering the Tanga Weekly Review Sweepstakes!

    Just by posting a review to, AngelZ was randomly drawn as our winner!

    Read all of the directions here and enter to win!

  17. Posted on Feb 29, 2012

    Views: 6,565

    LOLShirts Leap Year Clearance Sale!

    Click on the banner above to head over to the LOLShirts Sale!

  18. Posted on Feb 24, 2012

    Views: 6,394

    LOLShirts Plus Size (4XL & 5XL) Tee's Now Available!

    LOLShirts now offers 4XL & 5XL sizes on select shirts!

  19. Posted on Feb 21, 2012

    Views: 8,225

    Tanga & Engadget Giveaway: Two Playstation Vitas!

    Today we’re doing a giveaway with our friends at Engadget to give away PlayStation® Vitas to two lucky winners.

    The PlayStation® Vita has been getting good reviews after its release in Japan last year. The device features a touchscreen very similar to a smartphone, sharp graphics for gameplay, and can also be used to rent or purchase television show episodes. Several PlayStation®Portable (PSP) games are compatible with the device as well.

    It goes for sale tomorrow here in the US, but why not just win it first! Get over there and enter today.

  20. Posted on Feb 18, 2012

    Views: 5,764

    SATURDAY's Weeds - New Game Now on ALL Daily Fun Pages!

    Okay, not sure what happened last night… but this will now be the last “regular” Blog post reminding you about our new daily game, Words in the Weeds :) You can now find a link, every day, to each new game in all the usual Daily Fun ways:

    • Top PLAY Menu
    • Bottom PLAY Menu
    • Main Daily Fun Page

                           Today’s WORDS IN THE WEEDS.


  21. Posted on Feb 17, 2012

    Views: 5,702

    FRIDAY'S Words in the Weeds

    This will be the last “regular” Blog post announcing Words in the Weeds, as you can now find the link to our newly published game in all the usual Daily Fun ways:

    • Top PLAY Menu
    • Bottom PLAY Menu
    • Main Daily Fun Page

                           Today’s WORDS IN THE WEEDS.


  22. Posted on Feb 16, 2012

    Views: 4,578

    Words in the Weeds for THURSDAY.

    You can now find Words in the Weeds from the top PLAY menu!

                           Today’s WORDS IN THE WEEDS.


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