What are account selling limits?

Selling Limits for Marketplace Sellers

As a newer seller, you have limits placed on your account until you have established a positive selling and delivery history with the Tanga marketplace. These limits help you become a more successful seller and ensure a positive shopping experience for Tanga customers.

How Selling Limits Work

As a newer seller, you have a limit on the number of undelivered orders which are outstanding at any time which may affect the number of active items for sale on the Tanga marketplace.  

At each level, you can have only a certain number of undelivered orders outstanding before your marketplace products becomes unbuyable.  For example, as a "New Seller" you can have 25 undelivered orders outstanding at any point in time.  Once you've reached the 25 undelivered order limit, your marketplace items will become unbuyable on the marketplace until those outstanding orders have been delivered.  Your products will continue to be shown on the marketplace, but customers will not be able to purchase them until you've reduced the number of outstanding undelivered orders.  

With each successful delivery of product, you graduate into another tier of seller status and your selling limits increase.  Ultimately, you will earn the right to have thousands of undelivered orders open at any time.

Level Name

# of Orders to Qualify for the Tier Level

Max # of Undelivered Orders Open at any Time

New Seller



Level 1



Level 2



Level 3



Level 4



Level 5



Expert Seller



Tanga’s Tip: It’s important to process and ship orders you receive every day.

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