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Jackery Explorer® 300 Portable Power Station, 293Wh Backup Battery
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Jackery Explorer® 300 Portable Power Station, 293Wh Backup Battery
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Jackery Explorer® 300 Portable Power Station, 293Wh Backup Battery

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Jackery Explorer® 300 Portable Power Station, 293Wh Backup Battery

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Discover unrivaled portable power with the Jackery Explorer® 300 Portable Power Station. This 293Wh backup battery packs a punch with a quick AC charging time of just 2.5 hours, thanks to its compatibility with a 90W wall charger and 60W USB-C PD charger. With a 300W inverter (capable of 500W surge), robust BMS protection, and the ability to support up to 6 smart devices simultaneously, this lightweight and stylish power station is your on-the-go power solution. Plus, it operates quietly at just 36.4dB, ensuring a peaceful and dependable source of power wherever you need it. Don’t compromise on power when you can have the Jackery Explorer® 300 by your side.

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Verified Buyer: Yes
Reviewed: 2023-10-04

I love my new inverter, I'm going to get a even bigger one now

Lauren Fanean
Third Party Review
Reviewed: 2023-09-18

I am obsessed with this! I recently purchased a class C RV and was bummed when I realized how off grid friendly it wasn’t…I purchased this generator and one solar panel separately and it amazed me on the first use. It charges way faster than I thought it would. With this I am able to power a fan while I sleep, watch a few episodes of Netflix before bed and charge my phone all night in the RV without the noisy gas guzzling generator. All while still having 50% battery in the morning. AMAZING and highly recommend for RV living!

steven mcahren
Third Party Review
Reviewed: 2023-09-18

Charged several phones, and speaker before I even hit 60% so I took it for the 35min drive to the store to charge it and by the time we arrived back to camp it was at 100% quick plugged into the truck. Press the button next to outlets to start it or c port usb to start that and your going. Super easy

Nathan From IdahoNathan From Idaho
Third Party Review
Reviewed: 2023-09-18

I have had my Jackery 300 for over a month and have had the opportunity to run several test with it. Those tests are listed below:1. Solar Charging, I have charged my Jackery 300 5 different times using my SolarSaga 60 panel. I have seen peak charging of 44 watts. Each time it charged in less than 4 hours. Several times I did pass through charging, that test was the SolarSaga 60 plugged into the Jackery 300 which had a Jackery 160 plugged in or some other device. That test work great as well. Solar Charging with the Jackery 300 has been fantastic.2. DC Devices, I have used my Jackery 300 to run my Alpicool refrigerator for 1 solid week as a refrigerator and one solid week as a freezer. The Jackery 300 lasted 2 days 9 hours as a refrigerator and went from 100% to 21%. I then plugged my Jackery into the wall AC charger and pass through charging worked with no issues after about 6 hours (could have been faster) the Jackery was back to 100% and ran the refrigerator off of only the Jackery. On freezer mode the Jackery lasted 1 day 16 hours, at which point I plugged the Jackery 300 into the AC wall charger. 9 hours later the Jackery was fully charged, (I fell asleep so I am really not sure how long the charging took.) I also did a solar pass through test with the freezer. The Jackery 300 battery was at 34% when I plugged it into the SolarSaga 60. Pass through charging worked great, and 8 hours later the Jackery was charged to 100%.3. AC Devices, I have ran my Traeger Tailgator for 6 hours off the Jackery 300, I made Chicken Thighs and Steak. I have run a Crock Pot with the Jackery 300 for 3 hours, I then had to plug the Jackery in to the AC wall outlet. I ran a Crock Pot via the Jackery 300 fully charged plugged into the SolarSaga 60 for 7 hours then the Jackery ran out of Battery and could no longer run the Crock Pot on Solar only. I ran two large AC Window Fans for 9 hours on the Jackery 300 and still had 22% battery. I have had not issue running small AC appliances.4. I have used all USB ports at the same time, and made sure both AC and DC passthrough charging worked with no issues. USB is fantastic.At this point I would highly recommend the Jackery 300.

Blue Ghost
Third Party Review
Reviewed: 2023-09-18

I ordered this portable power source because of the likelihood of temporary power shut down due to our infamous winter blizzards and frigid temperature during the winter months. Luckily the power companies take care of the temporary outage in a short period but it helps to have something to give you a source of power to charge your phone, flashlight, laptop and other devices. I like the fact that this also gives us a little comfort to have a lamp or two to power up.As always, whomever delivers for Amazon never lets us know they left the package on the front door step. Our package was left on the front step during the evening and it was cold (i.e, -10 to -15 F) for how long I wasn't sure. When I opened the package I checked the amount of wattage and surprisingly it was charged. In any case I went ahead and charged it up to full capacity and tested it with various devices such as laptop, phone, and a couple of batteries for my cordless power tools (e.g. leaf blower, drill, etc.). So far SO GOOD...I liked the various plugins including two 110 outlets. It is portable and easy to carry and store. I plan to take it with me on any long trips and loan it out to family to try it out. Of course people should be aware that this is only a minor power source. Today I plan to plug in a regular lamp and see how long it will stay on...It's possible I might get the next model up later....Update 7/13/2022: After charging the battery to full capacity I attached a small electric fan to see how long it will run. I was surprised to see that the battery did surprisingly well. At 8 a.m. I plugged the fan and began letting it run. At 10 a.m. it dropped down by only 20%. At 1 p.m. I still had 53% left in the battery. By 5 p.m. the fan was still running with 5% left. The fan had three setting (e.g. low, medium, high) and I set it at the medium speed. I'm sold on this model.

Third Party Review
Reviewed: 2023-09-18

For anyone thinking of buying this Explorer 300 for a CPAP sleep apnea machine, you won't be disappointed!I've been tent camping more and at our home my electric provider has been shutting off power at night for maintenance or wildfire prevention (SoCal) so I've been searching for the best battery pack for my CPAP but also for any other devices I may want to power.I read reviews on many CPAP-specific battery packs, and they were all around the same cost as this Explorer 300, but much less versatile for powering other devices. One benefit to some CPAP specific battery packs is that they are TSA/FAA approved for commercial flights, however, that was not one of my requirements.I have the ResMed S9 AutoSet with heated breathing tube set to 80F (Climate Control) and H5i humidifier, and without changing anything on my device, beside the power cord (see below), the Explorer 300 shows I use ~40w when I first put on the mask to go to bed. I saw other reviews state to disable the heated tube and humidifier, but for my initial test, I didn't want to turn these devices off, as I really enjoy sleeping with them enabled.From reading other reviews, and from the ResMed website, most recommend using the DC car power adapter when powering the S9 from a battery pack, as it's more efficient and will use less power in this configuration. ResMed sells a DC car adapter for a much higher cost than other companies, and many reviews recommended what I ended up buying, the KFD DC Adapter 3 Pin Jack for 90W Resmed S9 from Amazon.So last night, with the Explorer 300 fully charged, I switched my S9 to the KFD DC adapter and went to bed with the Explorer 300 powering my S9, and after 7-hours asleep, I woke to happily discover that not only did the Explorer 300 still have power remaining, but it only used 20%! There are obviously other variables for each individual, such as what pressure your machine runs at, the surrounding temp/humidity, etc., however, even with these other variables, to me the Explorer 300 is an incredible buy as I now know it can easily power my CPAP machine through multiple night's sleep!

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