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What Mall Jewelers Don’t Want You to Know

Jewelry Guide

Make Tanga Your Source for Fine Jewelry This Holiday Season

Tanga will be your favorite one-stop shop during this gift giving season! Not only do we have your basics covered, but did you know that we have some of the hottest deals on the web for fine jewelry? Whether you’re looking for that perfect piece to take her breath away or you’d like to treat yourself to something sparkly, we’ve got incredible fine jewelry at the best deal prices on the web!

Why Tanga? (A.K.A. What Mall Jewelers Don’t Want You to Know)

Did you know that the big name retail jewelry stores can mark up their products up to 4 times the cost it takes to make the piece?

By the time a piece of jewelry arrives in a storefront, it has passed through several middlemen, who each add on their own markup to the same product.

Why should you foot the bill? Answer: you 100% shouldn’t.

Don’t let the price tags in the retail stores fool you—fine jewelry doesn’t have to break the bank! Our fine jewelry specialists have sourced top-quality product at bargain prices.

Tanga’s fine jewelry selection delivers stunning jewelry pieces directly to you from the manufacturer itself, so we can pass on our savings directly to you.

Let the Numbers Do the Talking

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Look at this recent price comparison between Tanga, Zales & BlueNile:

Tanga – $94.99 Zales – $369.99 BlueNile – $320

* Comparison Sources: Images and prices were taken directly from these sources on Apr 12, 2021.

https://www.tanga.com/deals/3068699b930c/14k-white-gold-1-4-carat-genuine-diamond-stud-earrings H-I, I1-I2

https://www.zales.com/14-ct-tw-certified-diamond-solitaire-stud-earrings-14k-white-gold-isi2/p/V-20289092 I, SI2

http://www.bluenile.com/diamond-14k-white-gold-stud-earrings_49969?elem=img&track=product I, I1

These 3 pairs of studs are virtually identical. In fact, the quality of diamonds listed for sale on Tanga are graded higher than those sold at Zales and BlueNile.com — for a FRACTION of the price!

Why You Can Trust Tanga’s Fine Jewelry

Our fine diamond jewelry selection has been carefully vetted and curated by our in-house diamond & fine jewelry specialists. Let our years of experience encourage you to buy with confidence.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that all fine jewelry products are described accurately, so you can trust that you will receive a piece of fine jewelry as advertised — or your money back.

Metals: What You Need to Know

Our fine jewelry pieces are made with only the finest metals, including .925 sterling silver and 10 karat, 14 karat and 18 karat gold.

What do these designations mean?

Metals are mined from the earth in raw form, and jewelers mix the raw metals with certain alloys to make these metals more malleable for the creation of jewelry.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver, specifically .925 sterling silver, is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy. This designation is considered to be “fine” silver because of its high purity. Items that are sterling silver are often stamped “925” on the piece to designate higher value.


Fine gold jewelry is described in terms of “karats” or “k”. Just as fine silver is mixed with alloys, so is gold. Gold is a very soft metal in its raw form, so jewelers mix the pure metal with alloys to make it stronger for better wear in jewelry form. The higher the gold karat, the more pure gold is present in the jewelry piece. Because of this, the price can fluctuate drastically from 10k to 18k or 24k.

The chart below shows how these metals vary from each other:

Gold Karat Percentage of Gold Percentage of Alloy 10k 41.70%58.30% 14k 58.50%41.50% 18k 75%25% 24k 100%0%

As it comes out of the ground, gold is naturally very yellow in color. Jewelers create “white” gold by mixing it with different alloys (nickel, palladium) than they use to make “yellow” gold (copper, silver). To enhance the white color, many pieces will be rhodium plated upon completion to retain a vibrant, mirror-like white shine.

Get Smart: How to Buy Diamonds

We all love diamonds because they sparkle and shine, but it’s important to understand the diamond grading system when buying one, especially when you’re buying online.

There are 4 main facets of diamond buying to focus on. The industry commonly refers to these as “The 4 Cs”: cut, color, clarity and carat.

Cut: This refers to the shape of the diamond and how well it is cut (compared to what is known as an “ideal” cut stone — perfect proportions). An ideal cut stone will sparkle and shine in all the right way, as the facets allow light to shine brilliantly through it.

Color: Diamonds are graded on a scale based on the whitest (colorless) stones to ones that include more of a yellow/brown hue. The grade is designated in a letter, starting with D and going all the way to Z. See chart below for scale.

Clarity: Diamonds are graded on a scale based on how many carbon inclusions or other imperfection they may have inside of them. The highest graded diamond is graded “VVS1” which stands for “very very slightly included.” The lowest grade is “I3” which stands simply for “included.” The more visible inclusion a stone has, the lower clarity grading it will receive. See chart below for scale.

Carat: A carat is a unit of weight measurement. When a diamond is loose, a jeweler can actually weigh the stone on a special scale to determine its carat weight. When a diamond is already set into a piece of jewelry, its carat weight can be approximated by taking its measurements (LxWxH). Carats are abbreviated as “ct” or “cttw” (carat total weight). The larger the carat weight, the bigger the stone is, generally speaking.

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